From a small rivets

Recently, hangzhou bureau receive a remittance amount is sixty thousand yuan, the remittance person is dedicated for the carrier construction of our country a & other;Screws & throughout;.The matter was reported to the Internet, netizens in praise the remitter’s patriotic spirit and dedication spirit, also can not help but exclaimed: carrier a & other;Screws & throughout;Also be so expensive?In fact, the carrier with & other;Screws & throughout;Called the rivet, the nail is end cap parts parts, often used for riveting between objects.According to different purposes, the rivet is divided into the R type rivet, fan rivet, loose core rivet, tree rivet, round head, flat head, half hollow rivets, solid rivets, countersunk rivet, loose core rivet and rivet and so on a variety of different types.Different kinds of rivet is widely used in ships, construction, furniture, automobile and other fields.Light is a plane, may need to tens of thousands of nails.In China & other;Pterosaurs & throughout;Ⅱ unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), is one of the most advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) technology in our country, the installation process will cost more than 20000 nails.And introduce according to professional personage, an ordinary plane needs is as high as millions of stars, the number of rivet visible for the machine, the demand of the rivet how large it is.Although the large number of demand, but the quality is also very important.As a tiny rivet riveting tool, the relationship to the use of a large machinery, the security of a building, a carrier normal voyage.Strict production process to guarantee the external size not poor, internal quality of safe and reliable, and excellent rivet assembly technology is very important.Say so many, why the rivet on the carrier so valuable?In fact, in the carrier is not worth all the rivet.Titanium is the most valuable rivet rivet, the rivet is made of titanium alloy titanium is regarded as a kind of rare metal, this is due to the existence of decentralized in nature and difficult to extract.Is characterized by light weight, high strength, with a metallic luster, also have good corrosion resistant ability (including sea water and aqua regia and chlorine gas).Due to its stable chemical properties, good resistance to high temperature, low temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and high strength, low density, good reputation for being & other;Space metal & throughout;.A minimum cost hundreds of yuan titanium rivet, it is not every country has the ability to processing.In contrast, our China machine tool business, more willing to do such a & other;Rivet & throughout;.Based on the machine tool industry, & other points for machine tool between enterprises and users;Riveting & throughout;.As the machine tool industry a wide range of network media influence, is also the machine tool industry influential & other;Internet + & throughout;Service platform, we focus on industry, solid content, service experience and customer resource data, feedback of users, with the best service for machine tool industry on the carrier of a connection and communication & other;Rivet & throughout;.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)