Foreign businesses in China generally bullish on China’s machine tool market in 2018

On January 26, 2018, & other;2018 overseas representative office and foreign companies in China machine tool association leaders association & throughout;To be held in Beijing, this is China’s machine tool industry association (hereinafter referred to as & otherMachine tool association & throughout;)Consecutive years of annual events.The association, a total of more than 50 representatives were invited to attend the meeting, they respectively from Germany, the United States, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and other 12 countries and regions of 38 related organization agencies in China and the foreign investment, joint ventures, deputy director of the association of machine tool long hair in the front, secretary general Wang Liming, executive vice President of chang-cheng guo to attend the meeting, the association, head of the relevant departments attended the meeting.The meeting shall be presided over by chang-cheng guo, Wang Liming welcome address, on behalf of the association of MAO to front do & other;China machine tool consumption market and industry situation analysis & throughout;The report.After foreign delegates respectively introduce the operations of each enterprise in 2017, relevant institutions on behalf of the situation of country or region, machine tools and the market.MAO in front, according to the statistical data and industry running situation at home and abroad from China machine tools of analysis of the consumer market and industry situation, summarized combed the operation in 2017., points out that in 2017 reflects the demand side of the new changes, demand drops, stabilization of slowing down, run into the bottom of the trends.Rapid upgrade demand structure, numerical control, automation, intelligent and high precision and efficient processing and manufacturing technology has dominated consumer quickly.Since 2017, when the machine tool supply side, & other;Total stabilization, structure upgrade & throughout;The characteristics of change is also very obvious.Hair in front of 2017 machine tool industry boom index and import and export situation is analyzed.Since early 2017, import and export of machine tools to present obvious rebound in growth, the more significantly, the growth of imports reflected domestic high-end demand produces huge boost to supply, also reflects the domestic machine tool industry in high-end product supply capacity is still inadequate.Machine tool export growth reflects the international market gradually warming, emerging manufacturing demand is increasing.Machine tool goods export proportion reflect the domestic machine tool industry supply capacity and competitiveness is rising.Situation for the 2018 machine tools, to MAO feng said China machine tool consumption market in 2018 is expected to moderate growth trend.Among them, the machine tool output will maintain a small growth or the state of the flat, machine tool imports will present growth trend.Wang Liming briefing in the greeting on April 9-13 CCMT2018 held at Shanghai new international expo center (the 10th China numerical control machine tool exhibition) preparation, and the national associations and related enterprises to actively participate in thanks.The meeting communication stage, more than 20 representatives spoke enthusiastically, introduce their respective organizations or enterprises.For foreign companies operating in China in 2017, most of the delegates are happily said harvest quite abundant, companies realize the 30-50% growth, even have representative joked & other;Seems to be less than 30% are embarrassed to speak & hellip;& hellip;Throughout the &;.Relatively speaking, the numerical control system, machine tool accessories and tool enterprises generally was bigger, its huge market incremental still comes from the 3 c, high-end manufacturing, new energy vehicles and also from the development of China’s manufacturing industry to the automatic and intelligent.THK zu-feng wu, general manager, said sales increased by 50% in 2017, the order has been produced by 2019, traditional users also added for industrial transformation and upgrading of new users, forecast to grow by 50% in 2018.The enterprise first problem is the date of delivery, supply pressure is very big.Xu Zhengshun general manager of Siemens, said Siemens 2017 performance as a whole grew by 40%, business is jumped by 60% in the high-end products.Mitsubishi electric and male company business in China increased by 30% and 30% respectively in 2017, the biggest growth is their common 3 c and automobile industry.And agree that the automation and deepening development of the auto industry, as China will have greater growth in 2018.To the industry, the general manager of Beijing fanuc JingXiRui analysis, and after 2018, the market fundamentals will keep good, except for the mobile phone field of 3 c market growth.As car lightweight and 5 g licences, huge market will tend to support the nc machine tool industry continue to grow.But the concentration of industry continuously improve and strengthen the market segmentation, small suppliers harder, also will be more and more high to the requirement of machine tool.Host machine tool enterprise, the DMG MORI and MAZAK achieved good growth in 2017, the former even reached a peak in recent years, the growth of 30%, they showed good expectations for 2018.MAZAK Dong Qingfu general manager thinks, transformation and upgrading of China’s economy will bring their stable market demand, to exert its advantages of high and new technology.But also mentioned at the same time, the rapid development of new energy vehicles will also form a potential crisis, therefore, will try to adapt to the changing situation.In 2017, ABB’s operations in China surged more than 30%, in January 2018, the order has reached the level 1-2 quarter of 2017, a huge growth is still mainly thanks to 3 c and car manufacturing, and growth in 2018 is expected to more than 2017 years.Laser AMADA enterprises and super think growth is not ideal, and expressed by the pressure from domestic companies, but still show the high-end market confidence in the future.As the focus of automobile powertrain supplier, LaoBo Ren Hongzhi general manager thinks, the future development of new energy vehicles unavoidably cause greater market volatility.Hardinge, doosan, GF processing scheme, the method first, toner, etc are all in 2017 achieved good or stable growth, and the general confidence in 2018 Chinese machine tool market.Makino, sandvik, hair, Hyde and Italian foreign trade commission representatives are also talked about the respective situation and understanding of China’s machine tool market, sandvik Hu Pang morning manager thinks, at present China’s machine tool market is at the stage of restorative growth, subsequent development should be more rational.Other delegates all reflect the relevant information in different ways.Foreign delegates reflects the running situation of enterprise, both of China machine tool industry association is verified on the performance of the industry analysis and forecasting, also reflect a lot of foreign companies in China because of its good technical accumulation and market development ability, in the process of Chinese manufacturing to quality efficiency play their own advantages.In recent years, many Chinese machine tool enterprises also have achieved good results, can draw lessons from foreign successful experience to better improve themselves, more power for China’s manufacturing boom.(the original title: foreign businesses in China generally bullish on China’s machine tool market, 2018) (source: China machine tool industry association)