Bystronic (tianjin) laser technology co., LTD. Signed a contract with tsinghua university, luoyang base

On the morning of September 6, bystronic laser technology (tianjin) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other;Bystronic glass & throughout;)With tsinghua university advanced manufacturing industry research and development base of high-end equipment research institute of luoyang (hereinafter referred to as & other;Base throughout the &;)There was a cooperation agreement signing ceremony.Bystronic China Dr Pine, bystronic (tianjin), managing director of xin-jian Yang, the director of business development Jiang Yangdeng and base, deputy director of ming-xing ma (Dr), tsinghua university, director and deputy director of the robot Zou Yirong postdoctoral (tsinghua university), ministry of information industry minister Yang (Dr), tsinghua university, the industrial policy research office of the director and secretary of the gen space hong-bing liu (Dr), tsinghua university, the robot institute jia-jun liu (Dr), tsinghua university attended the signing ceremony.Bystronic (tianjin) managing director, assistant director of xin-jian Yang and base and department minister Li Peixu (Dr), tsinghua university on behalf of the two sides signed a cooperation agreement signing ceremony before the two sides to carry on the discussion, the first, Dr Ming-xing ma addressed the base was introduced, which is in the central plains region, tsinghua university set up the only overseas research institutions, brought together the tip of the tsinghua science and technology strength, would create a leading world-class technology transfer mechanism, the frontier science and technology into real industrial productivity.& other;Shuimu tsinghua, forgot to seeks the trucking itself;All city, god reform and well-being.Throughout the &;Dr. Ma, welcomed the arrival of the super leaders and points out that the two sides have a common idea in multiple dimensions, and thank you very much for the super leadership in base of the recognition, is a great encouragement to base;The late base will conduct & other;The initial case & throughout;And & otherSubstantial review & throughout;, more in-depth exchanges and cooperation.Dr Ming-xing ma speech last discussion communication on both sides, swim in Dr Pine bystronic general situation and main products are introduced, and points out that & other;Bystronic laser technology (tianjin) co., LTD. Is a company dedicated to the research and development and distribution of sheet metal laser processing system of the company, bystronic (tianjin) is the company’s global research and development and production base of three;The main products are laser cutting machine, laser automation equipment, bending machine, etc.The company continues to develop high-end equipment manufacturing as one of the important development goal and direction, and the base of cooperation, is one of important link, the hope is to give full play to their advantages of resources, expanding areas of cooperation, conduct more exchanges and cooperation.Throughout the &;Dr Loosely speaking before the meeting, the super line also visited the base of the space, technological achievements exhibition hall, Dr Li Peixu is the base of the structure, operation mode, then a detailed introduction and technology sector of reserves.Visit the technological achievements exhibition hall after signing the two sides will gather resources, promote innovation ability as the goal, on the basis of mutual benefit and common development to establish comprehensive industry-university-institute cooperation relations, for laser bending of the material and finished goods to grab and sorting intelligent visual position system, industrial robot and laser materials and manufacturing technology projects, such as surface strengthening materials realize the complementary advantages and win-win cooperation.Bystronic glass (the original title: signed a contract with tsinghua university, luoyang base) (source: Swiss bystronic)