A spark machine tool company achievements won the provincial science and technology progress second prize

To fully implement the party’s spirit of 19 major, in-depth implementation of jinping the new era of Chinese characteristics socialism, commendation and reward for 2017 in the province has made outstanding contributions to the progress of science and technology activities of science and technology workers, further promote scientific and technological progress and independent innovation, inspire the innovation power and vitality of the science and technology workers, accelerate the construction of an innovative gansu, according to the measures for the gansu province science and technology reward (gansu province people’s unofficial 104) regulation, gansu province, the government has for a 2017 year entire province scientific and technological achievements, and has made outstanding contributions to science and technology workers.Gansu province government decided to award bao-wen wei comrade in gansu province, institute of modern physics, Chinese academy of sciences hero with science and technology award.At the same time, there are 10 results respectively in gansu province natural science one, two, three, seven achievements respectively in gansu province technology invention in the first, second and third prize, 131 results respectively obtained the progress prize in science and technology in gansu province first, second and third class.Spark machine tool company staff liu, hai yu, YanHeFei, dirmtrijevic n, Dong Quanhong, QiuGuoQun, juck, bin-bin zhang, “Xu Yan, xiao-wei Chen as the main persons completed 2017 & ndash;J2 & ndash;018 vtc5240 nc vertical progress prize in science and technology of compound machining center in gansu province was awarded the second prize.The provincial government hope to promote achievement prize winners, make persistent efforts, innovation, again.The entire province general scientific and technical workers must carry forward the indifferent to fame and wealth, selfless dedication, practical, the innovation of scientific spirit, to promote scientific and technological innovation as own duty, forge ahead, hard work, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, to the construction of a new happiness in gansu province to make new greater contributions.(the original title: spark machine tool company results of a science and technology progress prize of province for) (source: spark machine tool)