German libraries: world class sheet metal processing enterprises hands for reliable technical partners

John for mechanical parts (taicang) co., LTD. Was established in May 2012, is Germany with many years history John for carton manufacturing co., LTD. 100% of its wholly owned subsidiary.Located in Bavaria, Germany of John for carton manufacturing co., LTD., founded in 1948, development has become a sheet metal processing industry leading enterprises, products for the automotive, telecommunications, medical technology, industrial electronics, energy and other industries used in high-end field.John for taicang since formally put into production at the end of 2012, a year growth of 10% to 20%, at present the level of processing technology and production has been synchronized with the German headquarters, and simultaneously to complete the German headquarters orders, 60% products are exported to the world market.As an important support partner John for the development of taicang company, German libraries leveler of products and services in the customer pays a return visit, again get John for mechanical parts (taicang) co., LTD., general manager ms Guo Shuang certainly.O library leveler completely satisfy the requirement of the hands for high-end complex sheet metal products processing & other;John is for a customer base of sheet metal precision demand is high, the craft is complex, small batch, individuation, need John for directly involved in the design of the customer.Sheet metal processing the process is more complex, involving a longer blanking, bending and assembly process chain, the chance of problems.John for 90% of the raw materials used are sheet metal, plate flatness is the basis of the sheet metal processing, all subsequent process is directly related to the various steps, including the final quality of the finished product, so the leveler is very important to us.Due to the internal stress of sheet metal itself exists, there will always be some deformation after blanking, particularly after laser processing.In such uneven situation, our bending accuracy can not meet the requirements for certain, strength and fastness of the pressure riveting also cannot achieve.Throughout the &;Guo said, & other;Headquarters to use the library leveling equipment has 20 years of history, taicang company factory when we choose the library, the first is based on the use of hands for more than 20 years before the library leveler satisfied the technical evaluation and feedback of experience.O library leveler completely meet the requirements of our high-end complex sheet metal products processing, and have a stable product quality.Followed by focusing on Germany’s hands for technology transfer, taicang John for John prepared with the same level with Germany customer base, the processing of products is also same with Germany, the corresponding technology and equipment are exactly the same as that of Germany.Throughout the &;John used for taicang company plate, galvanized sheet, are about 70% of the most thickness is 1.5 mm, the thickness to 3 mm, 4 mm, the rest is aluminum, stainless steel, copper, the whole process the most to 5 mm thick.Configuration of library EcoMaster®30130 leveler, is applicable to the thickness of 0.3 mm to 5.0 mm, width is 50 mm – 1300 mm, minimum plate length is 65 mm artifacts.Mr John for taicang production supervisor ShuCheng red readily took a piece of panel, just leveling of 2 mm thick shell on the testing platform, with a minimum thickness of flatness detection feeler from any direction detection for qualified (below 0.5 mm).Shu, said director & other;Structure product accuracy depends on his assembly accuracy, high precision sheet metal products need to be in every link in the bending forming keep high precision machining, John for the sheet metal processing are all automated, if the plate leveling accuracy cannot be guaranteed, the first automated processing equipment is unable to accurately capture.Now John highest flatness requirement for products is 0.5 mm, for our material library o the leveler flatness is highest can reach 0.05 mm size (100 * 200), far higher than our accuracy requirement & throughout;.O library leveler with the middle roller can effectively avoid the leveling of the left on the workpiece leveling of imprinting;Workpiece storage and barcode scanners can shorten the leveling parameter setup time;Flattening roller leveler have quick change system, easy operation, only a few minutes, you can complete the flattening roller and support roller disassembly and cleaning.The use of the library leveler guo will very satisfied: & other;Our proofing process and production process is the same, proofing, we will to do some Settings, leveler for different plate, leveler recommendations of parameters will be different.After each proofing Settings, set parameters will be stored in leveler, set up a program, the program will record number in our corresponding process guidance book.So when mass production, as long as your program, the library leveler will be conducted in accordance with the saved parameters automatically set & throughout;.Shu director said: & other;O library leveler in the inside have preset, proofing, the operator as long as according to the basic data of the system prompts for flatten products: such as material, thickness, size, accuracy, leveler will automatically adjust to the best state;Even thickness tolerance, operator does not need too much processing experience, just need to do first article inspection, if found deviation, also only be carried out in accordance with the prompted to manually enter, leveler will be revised automatically, very convenient & throughout;.In the library of technical support and services has become an important support to John for the development of taicang & other;Chinese market requirements for product quality is higher and higher, many have been synchronized with Germany, sometimes even more demanding.More important to Chinese customers suppliers response speed, service and flexibility.China is not the same as Germany really, in Germany, offer customers often give suppliers after a certain time, communication and research in China, customers hoping to get an offer, 2 to 3 days after proofing is faster & throughout;, guo said: & other;This requires a team is very rapid, accurate, to provide customers with high quality service.For us to participate in customer research and development, mainly refers to the sheet metal pieces of research and development, the need to get the process of technical support.Leveling process as the basis for the rest of the sheet metal products processing, we can achieve the flatness requirement of the customer products, and the level of library can achieve o or in this industry, from some confusion and problems of the process, etc., the library German headquarters as well as the library kunshan o technical team gave us great support, become the important technical support for our business development.When we doubt on the product, can library o invite technical personnel with us on the leveling of the process for technical communication and discussion.After all we are not experts on leveling of the process, according to the customer request, sometimes we need to communicate with the library, look to whether can meet customer requirements by leveling process.We communicate with the library is very smooth, this is me, is John in the future for special emphasis point & throughout;.O mention library leveler after-sales, guo always said: & other;O library leveler problem ratio is very low, use to now is very satisfied.The only problem is that in the early stage of the equipment used, don’t quite understand some operations, mistakes, o library kunshan technical team quickly made a training for our staff, then no problem & throughout;;The library service manager of kunshan company, said Mr Wang Fuqing & other;O library working with customers to establish long-term and lasting relations of cooperation, never consider each service profit and accessories.Through for the sake of customers to put themselves in, coupled with first-class technical ability, the usage of the facilities will be benefit to limit, is the library service tenet of the company.All our efforts are in order to let customers to use less equipment problems, let customer satisfaction, the library has a 24-hour rapid response hotline and maintenance service team of personnel with high quality and superior technology, able to quickly solve the problem.Throughout the &;John for taicang are now John achievd classic case of taicang at present in the position of the metal sheet metal processing industry, guo said, & other;In the industry, to the process requirement is higher, the machining process is longer, the easy to the quality problem of sheet metal products, now as long as the entrust us John ready for processing, is very at ease.Throughout the &;Such as: industrial computer (IPC) in the field of industrial automation products, energy industry, medical industry large CT, MR, ultrasonic products, children’s car seats, and such as a well-known brand printers on the parts (0.5 mm thick of stainless steel, the mirror), etc.Typically porous plates in a box body products processing, guo said, & other;About 1 meter of the perforated plate, many holes, laser or digital stamping Kong Yiduo, plate deformation is complex, our JiaoPingYi leveler, on the other hand is on the punching process related mathematical formula calculation, is how to play, to get the deformation control of plate minimum, both be short of one cannot.Our competitors do it, is often a halftone flatness is hard to meet customer requirements;Or, after bending made goods shell on the desktop, four corners, will become warped;Or side by hand touch, can drum up, on the other side touch, back again.These problems in our hands for taicang & never seen throughout;.The library are to prepare mechanical parts (taicang) co., LTD., ranks among world top class sheet metal processing enterprises.(the original title: German libraries: world class sheet metal processing enterprises hands for reliable technical partners) (source: Germany, library)