The road is the difficult for independent innovation in China is strong

As the world’s biggest exporter of machine tool has a huge machine tool industry in our country, from the processing center, to the laser carving machine, industrial robot, almost covers every corner of the machine tool industry.But do big scale in the industry at the same time, & other;Big and not jing & throughout;, & otherBig and not strong & throughout;The problem is growing.According to the numerical control machine tool industry development prospect forecast, at present in terms of high-end CNC machine tools, only 2% of domestic products, and in the popular type segment in the machine tool, although the localization rate of 70%, but about 80% of home-made numerical control machine using foreign numerical control system.The overall market demand, high-grade machine occupies 10% market share.We can find that, home-made numerical control machine tool in affordable and economical machine is higher, but in high-end products include CNC system still is almost blank.And high-end machine occupies a high proportion in the market demand, need to rely on a large number of imported fill the demand gap.And, as the industry structure adjustment and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, the demand of affordable and economical machine proportion will be relatively reduced, high-end machine tool market share will gradually improve.In respect of high-grade machine tool, the lack of independent innovation is the main problem in the face of domestic machine tool.In the field of high-end machine core technology, including numerical control system and servo drive, and experiences such as Germany and Japan, beauty of the precipitation in one hundred, compared to developed countries there is a certain behind China.& other;Delays are dangerous & throughout;Control and monopoly, relying on technology, western countries not only grasp the notion of machine tool import and export, also to our country has carried on the strict technology blockade.Previously, shenyang machine tool has bought high-grade CNC machine tools used for the experiment of Japan.Japan asked China first place position determine, if you want to move to apply again, otherwise the machine will be locked.In addition, the abroad sometimes cameras installed in the machine tool, monitor parts processing.& other;Now the foreign technology sealed off a bit, but it is also our control at a certain level, sales to domestic products keep the same level.Throughout the &;The relevant person in charge of shenyang machine tool said.So the high-end machine tool technology research and development, still need to rely on independent innovation.And for independent innovation, domestic machine tool also faces great difficulties.On the one hand, on the market environment, mid-range machine tool demand in China at present a large proportion, so a market-oriented most of the private enterprise is given priority to with mid-range machine tool production, high-end machine research and development can only rely on a few large state-owned enterprises supported earnestly.& other;Themselves they & throughout;, just the power of state-owned enterprises is hard to encourage domestic machine tool to thrive.On the other hand, different from other industry, machine tool technology research and development needs a long process, and is accompanied by a lot of time, money, human consumption.General enterprise can’t afford such consumption, also many times because of the long process, products such as finished, the results technology out of date.So the independent innovation of difficult and high difficulty.Personally, machine tool as & other;The mother of industrial & throughout;, the machine tool manufacturing machines, industrial foundation, the top priority.It affects our country manufacturing industry, national defense, aerospace and so on all aspects of development.And to change the status quo, and not by one output can solve, need to include many aspects, such as government, enterprise, society, individual joint effort, can we truly improve the machine tool industry independent innovation, improve product added value.In short, China’s machine tool industry bigger and stronger is still a long way to go.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)