Liaoning equipment manufacturing industry “brain” strongest leading industrial transformation and upgrading

Large production workshop, work are robot, they accurately grasping parts, assembly running a size smaller robot;Parade of unmanned logistics car driving on the respective channel, accurately after pick up the goods on to the next station & hellip;& hellip;This is one of the largest robot journalist in China industrialization base shenyang siasun robot company see spectacular & ndash;& ndash;Use & other;Robot & throughout;Production & other;Robot & throughout;.In liaoning, shenyang machine tool group, brilliance auto group are similar smart factory is established.To high-end, intelligent, as the direction of complete sets of high-end equipment manufacturing industry of liaoning, the leading role to further strengthen, has become the northeast old industrial base of industrial transformation and upgrading of the engine.The reporter understands from ministry committee of liaoning province, the implementation of the strategy of revitalization of the northeast old industrial base, liaoning province actively push forward advanced equipment manufacturing industry structure adjustment, to speed up the implementation of the supply side structural reform, vigorously develop high-end equipment manufacturing industry.Shenyang machine tool group is conducting a comprehensive reform of innovation, advance the assets and capital to layout, at the same time attract social capital formation of mixed ownership.From the i5 intelligent machine tool products to the intelligent factory, intelligent manufacture valley, cloud platform, which broke the long-term foreign technology blockade and monopoly, this year signed a contract with local governments intelligent manufacturing valley project has reached five.Shenyang machine tool group, deputy party secretary li wenhua said, intelligent manufacturing valley is intelligent factory updated version, includes a group of intelligent factory, and including smart manufacturing experience center, etc.& other;For example, intelligent factory is customer oneself have a house, we help them to decorate good.Valley is we build a building to decorate good, with the government who want to use directly to rent.Throughout the &;Has been hailed as a & other;China heavy machinery industry cradle & throughout;Northern heavy industries group, has acquired the world two shield construction machine industry leading enterprises.Since this year, says the group’s chairman he-chiun liou, implemented a systemic comprehensive group reform, by a single legal system becomes more legal person system, the introduction of strategic investors and backbone employees.& other;New energy, new systems and mechanisms inspired market this year, overseas orders momentum surge, India, Pakistan, a large number of over one hundred million yuan of large sheet located in the north heavy industries.Throughout the &;From the intelligent manufacturing products to provide customers with intelligent manufacturing solutions, high-end equipment manufacturing industry in liaoning advantages highlighted increasingly.Dalian bingshan group, from the industrial refrigeration manufacturers in recent years, the development of big data solutions, intelligent manufacturing solutions, iceberg cloud system, realized from the industrial chain to value chain to chain industry transformation.Reform cannot be separated from the core technology innovation.Under the background of the current international shipping market continues to weaken, dalian shipbuilding industry group super tanker delivery volume ranks first in the world.Investigate its reason, and the group constantly solving key core technology.For domestic large after the C919 aircraft fuselage first and after the period of manufacturing of catic sac civil aircraft co., LTD., continuously improve its core competitiveness, more than 220 people 60% of team of designers with overseas work experience, to become the world’s famous aircraft main manufacturers strategic partner.The company deputy general manager Zhang Jibo said, & other;Our company has the comprehensive integration ability, the engine is currently in final assembly project negotiation, strive to realize assembly projects (local).Throughout the &;Intelligence, high-end and, as a load of liaoning equipment manufacturing industry with the & other;The strongest throughout the brain &;To high-end equipment manufacturing industry in liaoning & other;Throughout area & all the way;The success of countries along the grab the opportunity.Owns German BMW joint venture brand brilliance auto group, the independent research and development production of Chinese car industry in Iran won & other;Throughout China BMW &;Reputation, expects to sell 60000 vehicles this year in Iran, created the foreign car companies in Iran in a short period of time to reach the mass production and sales record.In the group of intelligent manufacturing factory, the reporter saw the spectacle, large quantities of robot welding car group intelligent manufacturing department minister Zhang Yingjie said, the intelligent manufacturing platform has won the world’s great professional awards this year & ndash;& ndash;Kearney & other;China’s best factories & throughout;Award.Shenyang blower group, has added jack & ndash;& ndash;1.2 million tons\/year ethylene compressors, this is by far China’s first set of the ethylene plant and the world’s largest.The group in Iran as the core of the Middle East market, get a batch of important international order.Since this year, in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, under the leading of industry development in liaoning is steadily rising, industry profits soared, high-end equipment of improved significantly.From January to September, the province’s equipment manufacturing industry profits rose 29.5% year-on-year, high-end equipment manufacturing industry accounts for the proportion of the industry reached 18%.The next step of liaoning high-end equipment manufacturing industry will continue to forge & other;The strongest throughout the brain &;At an early date to build internationally competitive advanced equipment manufacturing industry base and the strategy of major technical equipment base.(the original title: liaoning equipment manufacturing industry & other;The strongest throughout the brain &;Lead the industry transformation and upgrading) (source: China news)