In 2018 China’s machine tool industry will be a peaceful development situation

Tool in the machine tool industry since 2017, the market has taken on a entirely newlook, foreign enterprises and domestic enterprises, sales income is generally achieved above 20% of rapid growth.Throughout the tools of market in China, since the second half of 2016 gained momentum, and there is an obvious recovery.So far, from the development trend of the whole year, 2017 of tools market maintained his two good development momentum, for 2018 machine tools industry development has laid a good foundation.According to the national bureau of statistics data show that China’s machine tool industry in cutting machine’s main business income reached an all-time high in 2011, after five consecutive years of decline, but decreased year by year narrowed in recent years.Full-year 2017 metal-cutting machine tool’s main revenue is expected to stop falling stabilization;Forming machine reached an all-time high in 2014, 2015, a drop in brief, after the rapid return to growth;Tools to reach highs in 2013, appeared in three years, to 2017 revenue growth.Industry overall trend showing a steady warming trend.And in November 1, 2017, China machine tool industry to realize the main business income is 921.37 billion yuan, up 6.7% from a year earlier.In one of the major categories of products the metal-cutting machine tool main business income is 137.4 billion yuan, fell 1.3% year on year;Forming machine 88.5 billion yuan, up 11.6%;Workers gauge and instrument is 108.6 billion yuan, up 13% from a year earlier.Machine tool accessories for 52.9 billion yuan, up 6.9% from a year earlier.Industry status present stability of inlet and stability to the good momentum.Concerned expert points out, with the developing trend of 2017, China’s machine tool production in 2018 will be flat or slightly increase, with 2017 expected in 2018 China’s machine tool industry will achieve moderate growth.But from the point of order situation, November 1, 2017 – China’s imports of metal-cutting machine tool is $6.5 billion, up 16.8%;Forming machine imported 1.39 billion us dollars, up 9.4%;Tools imported $1.44 billion, up 18.9%;In respect of high-end machine tools, to 2017 the year of the machine tool orders rose 31.6%, to 1.645516 trillion yen, a record high.Machine tool imports in 2018 is expected to present obvious growth, the demand for high-end machine tools will further increase.Overall, in 2018 China’s machine tool industry has stabilized, will run smoothly at the bottom of the trend.In high-end machine tools, the industry needs to strengthen independent innovation, reduce our dependence on imports.And along with our country economic structure adjustment and upgrading of demand structure, enterprises need to step up the pace of transformation and upgrading, consolidate the foundation, seek development.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)