Capsules made rocket in the United States, the “poor” in China when the rocket how difficult it is

Beijing time on February 7, 2018 in the morning, the NASA Kennedy space center space exploration vehicle & otherFalcon heavy & throughout;Carrying the tesla roadster successful ascension, this is a moment to go down in history.This heavy rocket developed by a private enterprise, and it is said that the rocket’s payload rolling at present all over the world the rockets, including the long March 5.And the boss of the enterprise, energy is tesla motors CEO elon & middot;Musk.Even the People’s Daily micro public letter number could not help but praise for the business points, the paper said: & other;And americans than space, we still & other;Students throughout the &;And the americans successfully launched today & otherFalcon heavy & throughout;It should be let’s wake up!Throughout the &;In fact that’s true, we compared to the advanced American is still a big gap in space technology, there are many places worth us to learn.But, we also cannot little, after all, our space technology from scratch, has just developed for decades.Today’s capsules relying on the powerful technology and industrial basis, can build a rocket;Neither technology nor in the industrial base, is how to build a rocket?That because of our country abroad scientific staff, hard work and technical personnel, and the Soviet union big brother’s help.A, the return of foreign scientific talent when our country can build on the rocket, largely thanks to returning from study abroad a large number of patriotic science, they brought advanced technology and ideas, help us rocket cause a big step forward.Such as the famous scientist qian xuesen, he had joined the rockets team when I was in America, who participated in the first batch of rocket laboratory construction, which became the NASA space agency.After the founding of new China, the construction of the motherland rocket decisively decided to returning to his career, but when the parties are reluctant to put such excellent scientists back home, finally, after thousands of hard to turn the before he returned to the embrace of the motherland.After returning, he led our country’s & other;Hydrogen bombs throughout the &;Career, for science and technology, national defense and military modernization construction in China has made a great contribution.Great scientists still have a lot like qian xuesen, precisely because they pay make the rockets in China from scratch, from have to strong.Second, from the former Soviet union is big brother with the help of the Soviet union launched the first man-made earth satellite in the country, is also the country with the largest launch of the spacecraft.Scientific socialism plus highly developed modern science and technology and the world a quarter of scientific research personnel, made the great and the magic of the Soviet union.The Soviet union has the world’s first propulsion technology, has the first man-made satellite, the earth also is the world’s first spacecraft vostok carrying the world’s first astronaut gagarin completed flight around the earth and return to earth.The feat of Soviet space enough to prove that the space technology developed.And the construction of the rockets in China, a large part of the credit from the help of the Soviet union.One is to help our country to establish the industrial system of Soviet union.In those days China has just set up, the industry foundation is zero, and the Soviet union’s aid & other;Throughout 156 &;A project to help laid the industrial system in our country, also sent a lot of the Soviet union experts to fill the talent shortage problem in our country.2 it is to aid in space technology, in launch vehicle technology, the Soviet union gave a lot of help in our country.Third, technical personnel’s efforts to fight hard when mechanical processing industry has just started in our country, a lot of things to come out not to come out.Why is that?No physical machines.You know most of the aircraft, rocket, ship, aircraft carrier, is made by high precision machine tools.But at that time, China did not these, what can we do that by hand, rely on the excellent mechanic master with great efforts of unarmed.The most sophisticated finish machining parts, such as the machine is a lot of worker on the grinding out bit by bit.These hard workers, lovely technology outstanding outstanding technology and the sweat of hard work to make a lot of the rockets on a lot of mechanical processing.They can be called is the most lovable person.Back at the past, is not only a rocket, the vast majority of the technology in China is always from scratch, from have to strong.Our founding early industrial base is almost zero, but only spent twenty years made the first satellite in our country, and to prove our country strong pursuit of ability.In those days the same is true of high-speed trains, from 40 years ago on the Shinkansen & other;People run & throughout;Sigh, generations of scientists to research, to study technology, step by step to win the possibility of the construction of high-speed rail.In the face of Japan transfer backward & other;Older models & throughout;Shinkansen, researchers learn while dry, use 4 years to build the first the beijing-tianjin inter-city with completely independent intellectual property rights.Since then, the high-speed development of open & other;Throughout China speed &;.At present China’s high-speed rail operating mileage of 25000 kilometers, more than the rest of the world combined, and success in the international market, the order of many developed countries.& other;Day line, the gentleman with unyielding;Of topography, the gentleman to hold world with virtue.Throughout the &;Today, facing the shock the world’s advanced technology of developed countries, we should not be confused, more should not indulge in the past achievements, clearly see the gap, tenacious struggle, close the gap and catch up.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)