August 15 Mid-Autumn again hengwei machinery I wish a happy Mid-Autumn festival to the national people’s

August 15 infants round, the moon f according to warm the heart.The annual Mid-Autumn festival is coming, this year’s Mid-Autumn festival and the double festival to celebrate the National Day, but also have a family reunion for the people of the whole country, travel provides a good opportunity.We Chinese attaches great importance to the Mid-Autumn festival is one of the traditional festivals, as well as Chinese reunion hoping to celebrate the reunion of the festival.This holiday season, ningbo hengwei machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & otherHengwei machinery & throughout;)Here together with all the staff wish people all over the country people healthy body, all the luck, a happy family, money and treasures will be plentiful.Hengwei machinery is a professional engaged in mechanical and electrical integration of product research and development, production, sales and service enterprises.Company was founded in 2000, is domestic first on CNC high-speed center of one of the private enterprises.From the beginning of creation, hengwei machinery is committed to nc machining technology and the innovation of the solution, in order to promote the progress of the China’s machinery manufacturing level.A few short years, hengwei machinery has become China’s CNC milling machine, machining center, the advantage of the electrical pulse, line cutting, injection molding machine and other products supplier.Products are widely used in mould manufacturing, automobile, motorcycle, textile machinery, military and aerospace, and many other fields, for the revitalization of China’s manufacturing industry and played an active role in people’s living environment improvement.As the machine tool industry well-known enterprises, hengwei machinery is not only the numerical control machine tool industry progress of participants and witnesses, but also the excellent representative of the machine tool enterprises in our country, with an unyielding.Hengwei machinery founded the beginning of it receives & otherCreate enterprise value, share good times & throughout;Of the enterprise purpose, and strive to provide customers with first-class products and high quality, efficient service.To this end, the company gathered talents, build system of production, study and research, set up r&d center, and the introduction of ERP information management software, the production equipment, product supply chain, human resources, efficient management, keep and improve the efficiency of management of each link, create value for customers, for employees, enterprises create wealth, create the contribution to the industry.This year is hengwei machinery established 17 years.Looking back across the years, hengwei machinery work together with you, despite the rocky, rely on the sincere service and quality of machining center equipment, hengwei machinery under the support of many users, has been a rapid development.In the midst of the pursuit of years of exploration, hengwei machinery with tirelessly for technology innovation and a large number of users of hengwei products and services sincere trust and attract a group of people of insight, services a large number of enthusiastic customers, this is the most proud hengwei machinery, the most valuable harvest.Open since this year, the machine tool industry market gradually warming, hengwei machinery to seize opportunities, strengthen research and development.The company independent research and development of DMV2516 gantry machining center, high-speed MH40 horizontal machining center, HW700 vertical lathe bed CNC milling machine and machining center machine tool products such as superior performance, strong practicability, was launched numerous users.DMV2516 high-speed gantry machining center (above) and MH40 horizontal machining center (below) in the face of new challenges, hengwei machinery shoulder will be the important task of China’s manufacturing industry to a higher, deeper development, seventeen years growth, casting brand, seventeen years efforts, shape the authority!In the future, hengwei machinery will continue to keep the steady development of the situation, to serve the Chinese manufacturing, machine tool industry to provide more quality products and services!A toast to invite the moon, the month circle person and reunion, share the harvest moon, prosperous time good holiday!Hengwei machinery again wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival to the national people’s, good health and a happy family, a successful career!(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)