The 5 axes that loose riverside machinery brings you high accuracy machine a machine tool

It is early 10 years ago, machinery of loose riverside of Japanese company limited makes place (the following abbreviation ” Song Pu is mechanical ” ) the kind that has carried an agent undertakes selling in China. And the ceaseless promotion that machines equipment and demand of automation treatment machine tool to 5 axes as Chinese market, machinery of the Song Pu two years ago established a delegate to be in in Shanghai, so that provide product and service for Chinese user better. Meeting the next day is postponed in SIMM, the reporter had favour to see mechanical Shanghai delegate is in Song Pu chief delegate is long Mr Bao Shengyu. Long protect a gentleman to say frankly: “2012 although get the influence of global economic situation, sale status is not ideal, but the circumstance had begun to improve 2013. The potential of contain of Chinese market place is very tremendous, there will be certain addition henceforth to the demand of 5 axes machine tool especially. ” according to long protect gentleman introduction, loosen early before 10 years when riverside machinery just enters Chinese market, the client once had bought 4 Song Pu’s mechanical 5 axes machine tool at the same time, this client application to 5 axes equipment is already special and perfect now. Although Chinese market remains the same to the demand of 3 axes machine tool now prep above 5 axes, but long protect a gentleman to believe, prospective China market is similar to such client to be able to increase ceaselessly necessarily. Current, the equipment that loose riverside machinery sells is Japan to install an entrance formerly entirely, compare with other equipment photograph, main shaft of its high speed is Song Pu him machinery to produce entirely, use handiwork to debug entirely, such can long maintenance the precision of equipment, supply the equipment of a high accuracy, tall stability for the user. Also the characteristic as a result of equipment high accuracy, song Pu’s mechanical product is in the industry such as aerospace, car, accurate instrument, communication, mould and medical treatment is applied extensively. Industry of cure of this its doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is long protect a gentleman to think to need special attention. On this SIMM exhibition, rollout of loose riverside machinery machining center of its VX-1000 vertical. This machining center is Song Pu have in product of mechanical vertical machining center abound the newest type that configure and optimized cost effectiveness. In recent years, rise abruptly as Asian economy, the market of vertical machining center falls quickly, loose riverside machinery is in to raise vertical machining center the price competition ability of global market, sign OEM agreement with Taiwan manufacturer, research and development gives VX-1000 model. Of the vertical machining center that machinery of successive Song Pu accumulates all the year round make have a technology only, undertake new design, still maintained Song Pu’s mechanical quality while the success lowers the price. Regard machining center cardiac as main shaft, those who deploy is Song Pu the main shaft that the MAXIA rotate speed that mechanical and own original creation develops is 15000r/min, in special the room that do not have dirt undertakes assembly adjustment, machine difficult cutting material to all can be faced completely from the high speed of aluminous material should. Its use what serve as option before a variety of functions, include to promote type conveyer (scraper type) , conveyer of screw type cutting, high pressure is cooling and perforative (2MPa) , heat of instruction of CE of European safe standards, main shaft changes the high accuracy treatment with a compensation function stable implementation. From this VX-1000 type has rich configuration not only, more the cost effectiveness that came true to optimize. Current, the sale portion in Chinese market took loose riverside machine only 10% , long protect gentleman hope to be able to promote this number 20% , the time that he plans to use 3 years will achieve this goal.