Phylogeny of Chinese heavy-duty machine tool greets new milepost

The country is own major equipment and limit make research and development product — fierce overweights 4 times again ultimate machine tool is used in Tianjin consign, phylogeny of Chinese heavy-duty machine tool greets new milepost. These 4 machine tools all are home ” first are covered ” , among them two are a country great and special. They break limit system to build foreign technology to block, those who create many China and even world most. The country is great and special lathe of mill of vertical of 28 meters of numerical control, diameter of the biggest treatment height of 28 rice, treatment 13 meters, machining error 0.02 millimeter, finer than hair silk, all be the world most, homebred machine tool machines fill spare parts of key of large nucleus report is blank. The country weighs big special DL250 numerical control to exceed heavy-duty Pullman, bearing 500 tons, achieve the world most, for our country strategy equipment development provides safeguard of crucial processing technique. Boring axis diameter amounts to the boring machine of be born mill of 320 millimeter, product standards is the world most. Dragon door span milling machine of 10 meters boring of door of numerical control dragon, it is China the first, the world is scarce. Heavy-duty machine tool is the mark of national industry foundation. 2009, be in with driving adversary ” to beat a drum ” in, odd pen of company of luck of contest of Tianjin of Wu Chongzhong mark is close contract of 200 million yuan of large order, make 4 home ” first are covered ” machine tool. Every machine tool all wants sprint world most, equipment of much stage limit is made is unprecedented more. Fierce weighs president yellow as a rule, in bound of global machine tool, fierce is exclusive again one can make the world go up the biggest the enterprise of machine tool of 4 different types, “Hubei is built ” the first phalanx that already stood in world heavy-duty machine tool on behalf of Chinese creation, than Russia of country of machine tool of humeral old brand, Germany. Standing vice-president Wu Bailin says association of Chinese machine tool industry, fierce weighs the consign of 4 heavy-duty machine tools, can shorten the world difference of the respect such as Chinese nucleus report, shipping, spaceflight, war industry.