Machine tool of Dalian of survey of Su Bo of undersecretary of industry letter ministry two turn shirt-sleeve positive result

Industry and Su Bo of informatization ministry undersecretary went to survey of group of Dalian machine tool to make an on-the-spot investigation a few days ago, dalian city classics is believed appoint the member that cliff of Liu of assistant of director, mayor inspects composition for survey. Su Bo inspected private plane of enterprise modular machine tool to assemble operation area of product line of lathe of operation area, numerical control, lathe product line and high-grade horizontal machining center seriously. Chen Yong of president of group of Dalian machine tool leaves introduced great opportunity to hold to scientific progress to watch in last few years, take the route that innovation drive develops, transform traditional production to create pattern with informatization, in two turn the positive result that obtains on confluence, and push a person + intelligence turns production working progress case. Survey makes an on-the-spot investigation group in spot of private plane exercise, wait for national emphasis industry, domain and international for industry of spaceflight, nucleus, car to group of Dalian machine tool well-known company offers the circumstance such as equipment of high end, whole set to have thorough knowledge. When product line of visiting lathe, numerical control, enquired the circumstance such as the application of the efficiency of product line, ERP in detail. After propagandist board browses the company culture to lathe operation area carefully, survey makes an on-the-spot investigation the group is right company culture construction gives reputably. In operation area of horizontal machining center, survey inspects group of countries that looked carefully at great opportunity to assume seriously to weigh the old special product, new product that offers for semiconductor industry, and the new product such as system of the component of numerical control function of own research and development, numerical control, enquired product function, level and applied circumstance in detail, accelerate transition to upgrade to great opportunity, adjust product structure, the practice that enters new-style industry and field actively gives affirm adequately and encourage. Su Bo listened to the progress case that intelligence of high-grade horizontal machining center turns great opportunity to production base plans and be built to introduce seriously. On the informal discussion that holds subsequently, su Bo removes to group of Dalian machine tool the tremendous change that after transforming, produces, and transform the traditional industry, two typical ways that change shirt-sleeve promotion level of management and product standard to offer sufficient affirmation with informatization, hope great opportunity is below current and grim economic situation, want to carry out the 18 great mind that fulfil a party in order to learn to be motivation, lay world advanced level, insist to innovate, seize opportunity, grab get right on the job really, practice hard exercise to benefit the internal organs, improve development quality, implementation company transition upgrades.