Hair change appoint: Industry of machine tool tool carries rapid growth state this year

From Chinese machinery Joint Industry Conference learns, since this year, industry of tool of our country machine tool continues to carry rapid development state, entire industry gross value of industrial output and product sales revenue carried higher growth rate, predict production value of industry of machine tool tool will achieve 200 billion yuan 2007, crop of numerical control machine tool will break through 100 thousand. In recent years, because the country is right,industry of tool of development machine tool takes seriously very much, the development that is this industry provided favorable policy environment. In the meantime, as the country ” 915 ” of the program carry out, the stability of national economy develops quickly, and accelerate 16 crucial domains that revitalize breakthrough of key of equipment manufacturing industry to weigh start specially greatly, offerred tremendous market opportunity for machine tool industry. Since this year, industry of machine tool tool is innovating independently the respect such as structural adjustment of process of development of ability construction, new product, industrialization, product also gained remarkable success. Center of technology of various industry of city of center of technology of business of level of research center of technology of project of a batch of countries, national project research center, state, province holds water early or late, the development research organization of partial enterprise walked out of a country the door. These research center aggrandizement the measure of system of machine tool of our country high-grade numerical control, numerical control, nice industry, technology that exceeds the domain such as hard data innovates ability, new product development got all-time take seriously, development speed is accelerated apparently. New product of machine tool company made an appointment with 667 kinds 2006, among them numerical control gold cuts a machine tool to make an appointment with 372 kinds, 71.7% what occupy gold to cut machine tool new sum of products. Numerical control machine tool has made the principal part that develops new product, product structure gets optimize and upgrading.