Enterprise of our country machine tool lacks own innovation consciousness and capacity

Experience of industry of Chinese machine tool develops via 60 one’s remaining years, there was great progress since reforming and opening especially, but big on whole and not strong. Although production value of chinese mainland machine tool already occupied world first place two years continuously, forehead of machine tool entrance and expenditure are more successive and old hold world first position, but the difference with our country and very bigger than still having phase of market of international machine tool. 2010, the production value numerical control of machine tool of cutting of our country metal is changed rate for 52.5% , but compare Korea 88% low 30 many percent. The numerical control lathe that Korea produces and machining center class return the product of China of summary prep above. But at present the bed of our country still with economy model give priority to, the product is add the cost is very low. Our country enterprise also has the advantage with particular oneself, if they have old and traditional machine tool to produce a base, in some at the same time production link has certain technology to accumulate, especially the cast of mechanical part / the technology of forging technology precipitates, financing channel is extensive, the company that has share of certain and traditional market and capital to accumulate is OK in advance establishs big company group, through buying, accuse means is absorbed and digest foreign opposite advanced technique. Accordingly, our country enterprise needs to seize good development opportunity, strengthen own innovation, raise technical level and industrialization scale, develop rising market actively, compete in order to answer to the market that did not come. Current, enterprise of our country machine tool lacks the consciousness that own innovation and fundamental theory study and capacity, this restricted the development of technology of our country machine tool, want to change this kind of current situation, be about to study the characteristic of craft of user industry product and demand deep, development of combinative craft characteristic goes Gao Shuiping to machine equipment, also want to pay attention to the research that fundamental theory works at the same time, such ability let industry of our country machine tool be in before long there is better progress in the future.