Numerical control machine tool transforms contain business chance relevant code waits for follow-up

Numerical control machine tool transforms business to had not calculated in machine tool course of study on what is fresh thing, but some closer year of rapid growth that come still cause more enterprises to throw among them. Xiaolv is transformed from thing machine tool already 3 years, go to present Beijing from former illicit look forward to limited company of technology of Electromechanical of profit of triumphant general choice (the following abbreviation triumphant general) about the same also time of two years, although enter a time not to grow, but the domain that mentions oneself to be familiar with appears very excited. “Only Beijing, the business that pursues numerical control transforming does not issue 20, ” Xiaolv says, this still keeps a number. Wait for a few joint-stock departments that establish by institute and company of numerical control system besides automatic like triumphant general, Xi Menzi chemical plant, him backbone of technology of plant of a few old machine tools comes out great majority to work alone. Liu Enming is among them one of. Market demand dominantLiu Enming is in a company to be science and technology of industry of Beijing Hong Cheng develop to expand limited company, the machine tool that pursues system of numerical control of NUM of group of French Shi Naide technically is transformed, private plane is made reach join key project. It is reported, this company is Liu Enming 2002 when note together with a friend endowment hold water, just also just received a few transformed work scatteredly in the begining, but company of estate of Hong Cheng develop already established a branch to reach in and other places of Shenyang, Baotou, Shenzhen now handle affairs orgnaization. Liu is Beijing first formerly the technical backbone of ministry of electrician Cheng of factory of the 2nd machine tool, in frequent bussiness trip, he realizes the latent capacity that transforms the market to numerical control machine tool and rich and generous gain stage by stage. He thinks, the numerical control machine tool of our country transforms course of study to be in flourishingly development phase, especially some closer year come what user logarithm controls capacity of machine tool acknowledge is farther rise, also increase further to this demand. He thinks, numerical control transforms have 5 auspicious place at least: One of, investment small, date of delivery is short. Purchase photograph of new machine tool to compare together, can save 60 % ~ commonly the charge of 80 % , transform expense low. Especially large, special machine tool especially apparent. General and large machine tool is transformed, 1/3 what need to cost new machine tool to purchase cost only, date of delivery is short. But a little special situation, if high speed main shaft, tray hands in those who trade unit automatically to make,take a lot of work too with installation, costly, often transform cost to raise 2 ~ 3 times, with purchase photograph of new machine tool to compare, still can save investment 50 % left and right sides. Secondly, understand maintenance of equipment, facilitating operation. When buying new facility, do not understand new facility to whether can satisfy its to machine a requirement. Transform criterion otherwise, accurately computation gives the process capability of the machine tool; Additional, because be used for years, handlers understands the character of the machine tool already, be used in the operation and maintain a respect to groom time is short, get effective fast. Transformed machine tool has been installed, can realize full load movement. Thirdly, performance is steadier. Each foundation via long-term effectiveness for a given period of time, can produce stress to be out of shape scarcely and affect precision; Classics of each function component is adjusted for a long time, functional stability, dependability is good. Its 4, can make full use of existing condition. Can make full use of existing foundation, when need not resembling purchasing new facility, need to build foundation afresh in that way. Finally, more be helpful for using with safeguard. Because user, maintenance technician can participate in those who transform program to make directly not only, and can participate in transformed whole process, can get all sorts of technology information directly, more thorough ground masters the structure of the machine tool and function characteristic, add force to use the active capacity with maintenance thereby. Form region market”Low cost is the crucial factor that prompts numerical control to transform the market to expand quickly, the machine tool that many big companies import formerly now is already far exceeded ‘ enlist in army period ‘ , but these equipment value do not poor, unit price is in millions of yuan very consummate ten million yuan. And mechanical part is OK still, because this is badly in need of,undertake transforming. ” Xiaolv the clerk that now is triumphant general, often journey north and south, mention coming is clear and logical more. He says some places had been formed now ” supermarket of bed of two mobile phones. He says some places had been formed now ” supermarket of bed of two mobile phones.. The market of Wen An machine tool of Heibei is home’s famouser machine tool supermarket, domestic company is bought to turn in great quantities here make, bankrupt machine equipment, resemble a supermarket of big two mobile phones, can achieve tens of thousands of sometimes, the machine tool of all sorts of types has. There also is not little machine tool to transform a company around, after these enterprises have the machine tool be transforminged simply, sell mill the small plant of type, the price is former 30%~40% commonly. “Go up commonly the enterprise of dimensions won’t come here, they can choose to go the black river of Heilongjiang area of He Suifen river, many entrance high end was centered here bed of two mobile phones. ” Xiaolv says, because these two places are located in the boundary of China and Russia, because this wants to have client demand only, before they can take a client, go making an on-the-spot investigation. He cited two case: A client needs a 4 × 4 meters job revolving stage, and the revolving stage home of so big norms does not have production at present, although 2 machine tools can accomplish Qiqihaer, but time limit for a project also needs one year. For this they come here to look. Here they searched however, can be the other side the quote that give out is 600 thousand yuan, and it is a price, and new machine price is controlled in 1.2 million yuan. In addition install this world one machine tool also cost 1.5 million yuan to buy a 6 slideway of 6 × to grind, after this expenditure undertook 800 thousand yuan electric transform. The guide that Xiaolv says such norms grinds the charge of the entrance to should go up ten million yuan. Xiaolv says, the equipment price that transforms into travel numerical control is in 2 million yuan commonly, if under this price, general wholesale business can choose to buy new facility. And for the company that transforms business to resembling having numerical control, gross profit embellish under 30% , they also can choose to abandon. As in recent years the perch of Chinese economy moves, and the to the machine tool huge demand that causes from this, make triumphant general saw tremendous business chance, “Carry the investigation to the market, research, we discover this kind of demand has is driven by civilian battalion enterprise quite partly, and the facility that they need with in the standard equipment of low end is given priority to, our company also will pay close attention to this share requirement stage by stage. ” Xiaolv says. Reproducing businessBe transformed however and not be equal at reproducing, according to the definition, in producing an environment has used product reductive the production process ability to as same as new product quality says for reproducing. What the attention needs here is, machine tool reproducing is different from machine tool maintenance. Machine tool maintenance is to maintain its in machine tool use phase good technical condition reachs the normal technical step that move and takes, often have random sex, former a sex, lash-up sex. Machine tool reproducing also is different from the recycle of the machine tool. Recycle is to carry the treatment kind such as melt down smelt, will discard as useless the machine tool returns raw material. Reproducing is to will discard as useless the machine tool serves as high natural resources and of the make the best use of ” reclaim ” means, its produce the cost that cost should make under new machine tool far. Although reproducing has those who achieve raw material and the sources of energy is managing, create obtain employment opportunity for national economy, offer industry technical ability to groom, reduce final user run the good point such as cost, but consumer is in subconscious in still can think reproducing spare parts is old spare parts. In addition, the biggest challenge comes from at respect of law law plan. He says, how be to reproducing product at present domestic sale, lack relevant law, code, also lack what can protect client interest at the same time, the concerned regulation of normative reproducing practitioner in the behavior of safety and quality respect. He points out, the behavior of individual business also makes a person anxious: If small-sized treatment company longs to join this industry, lack pair of reproducing skills however especially the understanding of repair technology, produce a product that does not accord with technical parameter and safe index thereby; After still face-lifting enterprise takes the chance to paste the product simply the card, cast as reproducing product to the market.