Big span exceeds machine tool of heavy-duty numerical control to be born in north

A few days ago, world span is the biggest exceed mill of car of door of dragon of bridge-type of numerical control of XKA28105300 of machine tool of heavy-duty numerical control compound machine tool is in Beijing factory of the first machine tool is born. The beam of XKA28105300 machine tool was used with before lathe bed, slide carriage is transverse static press what slideway differs to hang down design of slideway of Xiang Jing pressing, realized face of its besmear model and pillar slideway not to have direct contact consequently, have never wear away, carrying capacity is large wait for an advantage. Assembling on measure crossbeam much place is quiet each oily bag that press the quantity since float and Germany to measure assemble a technology twice of oil pressure to be united in wedlock effectively, solved crossbeam static the issue that press.