The in solid example craft on numerical control lathe and process designing

Numerical control latheGroup of begin to learn of numerical control technology is in on numerical control machine tool when solid example, especially high post is high only student, although relevant professional technology course already all had learned, but because lack production to carry out experience, consideration issue is not quite overall, mutual be well versed in has used the knowledge that learns place very hard, the part that often causes solid example treatment cannot achieve expectant goal. Pass solid example example to undertake analytic discussion with respect to the combinative problem of craft and process designing now. Condition of 1. solid example(Equipment of 1) solid Zhen: “GTC2E ” numerical control lathe. (2) order system: “SANYING ” system of imitate of numerical control lathe. (Example of 3) solid example: File handle. (4) example preform: φ 26mm log. (5) part drawing: File handle part drawing is shown like attached drawing place. Process of protocol of 2. technology program(1) wants perusal design above all, cent folds part drawing knowable handle outline is by a conic stage, cylinder and curved surface of join of 3 circular arc are comprised. Decide workpiece coordinate origin and the coordinate that juice cipher out loses a point every and the coordinate that curvilinear join nods, see the place on part drawing is noted. (2) chooses cutting tool, basically be structure of consideration cutting tool and dimension whether already machined place happening to interfere with workpiece, in cutting cutting is nodded one but deviate point of a knife, had happened likely to cut. Lesser to dimension curve outline can consider to use figuration cutting tool. Handle is by 3 paragraphs circular arc connective is not onefold curve outline, tool cutting edge angle of lathe tool of Lv of take an examination of turning of lathe tool of the circle outside using and deputy slant horny choice, the size of tool cutting edge angle decides the form of workpiece, and deputy slant horny choice should consider whether with already machined exterior outline to produce interference. Classics computation deputy slant horn should be more than 13.4º , reason chooses tool cutting edge angle to be 90º , deputy slant horn is 15º outside the circle is right slant knife and cut off a knife two kinds of cutting tool. (3) differentiates by the cutting tool of the choice working procedure, beyond the circle is right slant the knife gives priority to treatment cutting tool, answer to machine an all place that can machine as far as possible, change next cut off knife car cone and cut off, consider to cut off the width of the knife. Can reduce the number that change a knife so, reduce time of Li Hang Cheng. (4) still should consider to differentiate by thick, finish machining working procedure, if use program of whole outline loop, although process designing is simple, but the light locomotive trip in before a few loops is too much, those who go against treatment of play numerical control is efficient. Reason to right end R8mm ball head uses Che Zhui first law thick car, be the same as place of mid R30mm sunken arc to use circular program thick car again. After rough machining excises major surplus, again vehicle of its surface fine, in order to assure the requirement of treatment precision and exterior surface roughness. (Dosage of cutting of 5) logical choice, it is to be below the premise that assures to machine quality and cutting tool life commonly, develop machine tool function and property of cutting tool cutting adequately, make cutting efficiency highest, finished cost lowest. When rough machining, choose low cutting rate more, amount of larger back penetration of a cutting tool and feed; When finish machining, choose high cutting rate, lesser feed. Numerical control lathe3. process designing and solid example consider mediumly(1) basis craft considers to undertake process designing, process designing gives the every time in giving labor situation to walk along a knife to command namely. The coordinate origin that defines work above all (handle is right carry center) , calculate the coordinate that gives every to lose the coordinate that loses a point and curvilinear join point, see the place on part drawing is noted. Give out correctly the dot removing a knife of each labor situation, machine the initiative position of the cutting tool when a certain place namely, see the program such as the N00040 in example process designing, N00110, N00210, N00300. Of dot removing a knife affected correctly directly process designing and by the formation of treatment surface outline. (2) chooses cutting tool to differentiate by thick, finish machining and place working procedure process designing, ~ N00200 of N00040 of rough machining program, purify is major mental allowance; ~ N00280 of N00210 of finish machining program, improve exterior quality, by T01 knife (outside the circle is right slant knife, deputy slant horny 15º) is finished; Car cone and cut off program N00300 ~ N00340, by T02 knife (cut off a knife, dao Kuan 4mm) is finished. The consideration cuts off the real work point of a knife of the knife, dao Kuan’s impact should consider when process designing, see the program such as the N00300 in example process designing, N00320. (3) cannot use G00 program to make cutting tool arrives directly at workpiece surface directly in process designing, cutting tool and workpiece surface also do not allow to use G00 program shift below 0 contacts, and should use G01 program, see the program such as the N00140 in example process designing, N00220, N00270, N00310. Can prevent cutting tool and the collision that workpiece contact may produce effectively so, avoid to cause surface of workpiece of cutting tool cut or cutting tool to wear away. (4) is accurate to the knife, numerical control process designing is the athletic contrail that is outline of referenced edge spare parts with dot of point of a knife. Before solid example is machined, pass above all be opposite correctly knife, make coordinate of point of a knife and coincide of workpiece origin coordinate. Only such, ability assures to correct spare parts outline is obtained after cutting tool moves by process designing. (5) inputs process designing imitate to emulate, emulate those who see is the outline contrail that imitate point of a knife gives by process designing score. And whether to cause interference to workpiece in blade of the cutting in cutting process, very difficult in emulate reaction comes out. Emulation contrail is correct, the workpiece rough sketch that final treatment gives is not certain complete, emulate that is to say can examine process designing is correct, and cannot pass treatment course mediumly cut interference phenomenon to be mirrorred entirely. 4. example process designingFile handle is in ” GTC2E ” the process designing that undertakes machining on numerical control lathe is as follows. N00010M03S600N00020G00X60Z20N00030The circle outside T1(is right slant knife, deputy slant horn 15º )N00040G00X16Z2N00050G24X36W-10F50N00060U-5N00070U-5N00120G00X37Z2N00130G22L2N00140C00U-31N00150G0lW-2F60N00160G03U15.2W-5.5R8N00170G03U4.4W-46.9R85N00180G02U2.4W-17.6R30N00185G01U4N00190G00W72N00200G80N00210G00X0S1000N00220G01Z0F40N00230G03X15.2Z-5.5R8N00240G03X19.6Z-52.4R85N00250G02X22Z-70R30N00260G01Z-95N00270G0lX26N00280G00X60Z20S500N00290T2(cuts off a knife, dao Kuan 4mm)N00300G00X24Z-84N00310GOlX17F30N00320G01X16Z-94N00330G01X0N00340G00X60Z20N00350M05N00360M025. epilogueThe place on put together is narrated, process of numerical control solid example but reduce the following paces: Process designing of → of program of technology of protocol of → of part drawing analysis inputs → to emulate → to machine a spare parts to knife → . In the work that complex outline does not seek blindly in solid example first, the illusion uses all programs, often score a success not easily so. And should the work that make choice of has representative face a few times will practice, ceaseless on this foundation commutation practices Yi Ke. Adopt example solid standard, can press cutting tool of program of technology of part drawing protocol, choice, process designing to process a solid example work, achieve the goal of draw inferences about other cases from one instance thereby, achieve the result of get twice the result with half the effort.