The common method that breakdown of system of drive of servo of numerical control machine tool handles

The servo drive system of numerical control machine tool includes main shaft drive and feed drive. Divide dc and the unit that exchange two kinds to differ. 1. The processing of breakdown of feed drive system: According to statistic, the fault rate of this part takes numerical control machine tool about the L/3 left and right sides of overall fault rate. Breakdown phenomenon divides roughly kind: ·Software calls the police phenomenon: Include to servo feed system makes mistake call the police (it is speed mostly control unit breakdown to cause or be advocate accuse to presswork be controlled with the position inside circuit board or servo signal malfunctions about the part) , detecting element (if measure fast dynamo, rotate transformer or. ·Hardware calls the police phenomenon: Include high pressure to call the police (voltage of electrified wire netting is not stabilized) , big electric current calls the police (brilliant brake provides damage) , voltage is too low call the police (it is input voltage mostly under rating 85% or coupling of power supply cord is undesirable) , overload calls the police (mechanical load is too big. These breakdown should press particular case to be treated respectively in processing. ·Without call the police indication breakdown phenomenon: Include vibration of machine tool out of control, machine tool, machine tool to rush too (parameter setting is undeserved) , noise is too big (electric machinery respect has trouble) , do not stabilize when speed wait for a phenomenon. These breakdown should control unit from examination rate, change of axial of person of dip of deputy clearance of parameter setting, drive, eyewinker, electric machinery is moved, brush contact is undesirable wait for a respect to search breakdown source. 2. The processing of breakdown of system of main shaft drive: The breakdown of system of main shaft drive has the following sides roughly·Dc main shaft controls systematic breakdown: Include main shaft to stop to rotate (spark circuit breakdown) , main shaft speed is abnormal (measure fast dynamo breakdown or number / modular converter has trouble) , advocate electric machinery vibration or noise cross big trouble (appearance sequence incorrect or set of power source frequency has a mistake) , over- electric current calls the police, . ·Communication main shaft controls systematic breakdown: Include stoppage of electric machinery overheat (load exceeds mark, cooling system to cross attaint of dirty, cooling fan, electric machinery and control unit indirect route is undesirable etc) , silk of frit of loop of communication input and second birth burns (reason of this kind of breakdown is more: If exorbitant, surge absorbs impedance implement printed circuit of unit of the attaint of attaint, bridge of power source commutate, transistor module attaint that inverter uses, control board attaint, electric machinery is added, decelerate frequency is too advanced) , advocate it is normal that electric machinery vibration, noise crosses speed of big, electric machinery to exceed mark or short of the breakdown such as rotate speed. Handle these trouble also must first from detect begin, search with the analysis breakdown reason locates breakdown source, adopt measure to remove trouble in the light of these breakdown. Be like electric machinery vibration to must affirm first is why planting this kind of phenomenon produces below the circumstance, if arise in decelerate, criterion breakdown happens in second birth loop for certain, the frit silk that is about to check this return right now whether already fusing, or whether does the transistor of this loop have damage. If generation leaves in constant speed, it is normal to should examine feedback voltage first, the instruction is cut off later, examine electric machinery to stop turn whether is there unusual noise in the process. If have, affirmative breakdown happens in mechanical part, pressworking otherwise on circuit board. If feedback voltage is abnormal, answer to examine oscillatory cycle to whether be concerned with speed first, if concern, whether does the join aspect that should examine main shaft and main shaft electric machinery have trouble, main shaft and outfit are communicating the pulse generator of rear of main shaft electric machinery to whether damage, except, likely breakdown generation is pressworking on circuit board, need examines circuit board or readjust. Arise possibly also in mechanical respect, attribute mechanical failure. Anyhow, treat the breakdown processing of drive servo respect, should have patient, subtle examination, test andAnalysis, of course experience is accumulated much also judged easily quite.