Academy of numerical control machine tool establishs Weihaihuadong

On July 18, academy of numerical control machine tool establishs Weihaihuadong. This is Hua Dong numerical control promotes own innovation the ability, significant move that enhances market competition ability further, indicating Hua Dong numerical control is official bring into research and development of science and technology industrialization develops a program. That day, go in the manufacturing workshop of Hua Dong numerical control, look at each to reach the world advanced level, make the core function part with essential machine tool of high-grade numerical control, week of 82 years old of senile academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering can’t restrain excited mood frequently: “Train of thought of the development dimensions of Hua Dong numerical control, development, on alive bound amount to is not much. Of academy of machine tool of Hua Dong numerical control hold water, will expand the assistant that Hua Dong numerical control flies, improve its position in industry of world machine tool. Improve its position in industry of world machine tool.. This day, expert of institute of Beijing machine tool filled Bai Hao to come, shanghai achieved Ding Zhenqian of general manager of limited company of main shaft of accurate machine tool to also come formerly… they or the dean that regard Weihaihuadong as academy of numerical control machine tool, or as adviser, those who attend an academy will establish plenary session before. Establish ceremonially, shang Shixian of president of Inc. of Hua Dong numerical control person of numerical control of many pieces of 130 full of Hua Dong ” beg virtuous ” the letter of appointment of the mood, send in each expert hands. “Industry of race to control is bit higher, numerical control needs Hua Dong such ‘ brain trust ‘ ! ” Shang Shixian says, begin from last year, hua Dong numerical control accelerated the strategy to adjust pace, in maintain gain ground model on the foundation of the market share of respect of numerical control grinder and machining center and numerical control milling machine, average milling machine, average grinding machine, accelerate own innovation, key development high speed, high spirit, much axis, compound, large numerical control machine tool. Since 2002, hua Dong numerical control regards the first power that the company expands as own innovation, through own research and development, joint development, introduce digest wait for a variety of means, successful development gives open form system of numerical control of 5 axes linkage, have international the accept rice progression of advanced level accuses to get milling machine, magneto-electric to rotate the product of new and high technology such as coder, the door of numerical control dragon of the vertical machining center of seriation and horizontal machining center, seriation machining center and numerical control planer-type milling machine and product of grinder of slideway of door of numerical control dragon, make field of machine tool of domestic numerical control get army person. In at present the sale of domestic general accuracy machine tool glides quickly, bearing of scene of heavy-duty machine tool still maintains exalted circumstance to fall, hua Dong numerical control takes the route of machine tool of large numerical control, accord with the development direction of industry of current home machine tool completely. Also be this kind of transition adjust, this year first half of the year situation of market of industry of domestic machine tool still below grim situation, hua Dong numerical control still is shown not the outstanding achievement of common. The management state that from Hua Dong numerical control shows looks, implementation vest in appears on the market first half of the year the net gain of company shareholder forty million four hundred and thirty-two thousand two hundred yuan, grow 108.13% compared to the same period; Every accrual 0.34 yuan, grow 54.55% compared to the same period, super- anticipate finish each worked first half of the year 2009 the task. In the meantime, the company predicts, came this year in January in September outstanding achievement relatively go up growth of year of the corresponding period 100% to 130% . Before achievement, shang Shixian is very sober. He says, the route that takes bed of large scale computer already was the general choice of company of machine tool of current home numerical control. Pass a few years again, large, heavy-duty machine tool appears probably produce can superfluous, market competition also is met subsequently aggravate. Accordingly, want to unplug so that market head prepares, the technology became crucial factor — academy of numerical control of power sea Hua Dong from this and unripe. The academy that holds water this sets an office and grinder, machining center, numerical control system, activity pressing and heavy-duty machine tool 5 institutes, built up the whole nation such as university of mechanical academy of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference, Shandong, Tsinghua is famous many 130 expert of college courtyard place, scholar. Henceforth, the academy will assume Hua Dong major task studies related machine tool of numerical control of numerical control company, be in charge of product research and development, trial-produce and perfect job, organize national level project declare, rejoin and carry out. In the meantime, they will concern major of numerical control machine tool to study the task undertakes major gives lessons regularly, for Hua Dong numerical control develops high quality person with ability. “Establish an academy, bring into research and development of science and technology industrialization to develop a program, build produce, learn, grind, the innovation system that uses photograph band, hua Dong numerical control goes in front of of industry of domestic machine tool again. ” year break rules frequently to the week of octogenarian Die accept invite, become one of reputation deans of the academy. Of Zhou Qin say, our country is big country of machine tool exit, also be big country of machine tool entrance, the machine tool precision that at present our country produces and abroad differ not quite, but existence difference is returned in function, dependability and life respect, this involves the basic research such as technology of craft, material, heat treatment, solve these problems to need to produce learn to grind union. Regard Weihaihuadong as academy of numerical control machine tool allow dean, ding Zhenqian is having his knowledge to the advantage of the academy. He says, in home, force of academy of machine tool of Hua Dong numerical control is all-time, have the think tank that so much top class technologist, professor forms without factory of a machine tool. In the meantime, the system with comfortable academy, be helpful for what the technology studies beginning. In addition, as appear on the market company, actual strength of economy of Hua Dong numerical control rises significantly, provided safeguard for the technical research and development henceforth. Henceforth, they will be aimed at ” make top-ranking product, education top-ranking talent ” two big targets, it is with market demand oriented, ceaseless research and development accords with the product of tall, big, essence of market demand, capture trade difficult problem, drive Hua Dong numerical control to be done further do greatly strong.