The machine tool appears on the market product of high-grade numerical control becomes half of care of company happy event the mainstream

The machine tool appears on the market company the outstanding achievement 2010 is general and pretty good. Anabiosis besides the whole of machine tool industry element of this one dominant, another reason that outstanding achievement of the enterprise that prop up grows is the adjustment of structure of the product that each enterprise lasts, industry. After financial crisis passes, the demand of machine tool market produced change, the tendency that develops to high-end product is accelerated, demand of machine tool of common, economy numerical control is atrophic, gain ground model, advanced model demand of numerical control machine tool increases continuously.

Shenyang machine tool: Promote a brand make up the deficits and get surpluses

Shenyang machine tool (000410) released recently 2010 annals, business income 8.047 billion yuan, grow 32.62% compared to the same period; Net profit 142 million yuan, soar compared to the same period 427.54% ; Every primary earnings 0.2597 yuan, grow 15.72% compared to the same period.

Announcement of Shenyang machine tool shows, reached future to develop the strategy 2011 according to the company, better to promote a company rapidder development, planned not to undertake profit allocation 2010, also nonperformance capital accumulation fund turns add capital stock. Did not allocate profit to basically will be used at main item of additional company circulating fund and construction company.

The accrual of Shenyang machine tool is pretty good undoubtedly, but recently ” negotiable securities daily ” the reporter thinks however, fiery annals data returns the corner that the lid does not stay in at the back of the number it seems that. Annals still showed the company at the same time 2010, vest in appears on the market of company shareholder unless,buckle regular the net profit of increase and decrease is – 1.899 million yuan. And in be not project of management sex increase and decrease, the biggest brushstroke income is nearly 150 million yuan government allowance.

2010, president of Shenyang machine tool holds general manager concurrently to close stannic friend to put forward to want in future sale of the implementation inside 5 years increases 30 billion yuan, be equivalent to give somebody a new lease on life machine tool of a Shenyang, the dilate that exceeds convention means was opposite 2011 will be a decisive bureau Shenyang machine tool year.

Can estimated be, be in a year of in the past, shenyang machine tool does not poor in the devoted definitely on 4S inn. Actually raw material and labor cost rise considerably and the RMB appreciates the risk is the difficult problem that collective of Chinese manufacturing industry faces, and the inevitable option that promotes brand excessive price to will become a machine tool in order to prop up new gain space to make a firm.

Does Qin Chuan develop: ? Does random hesitating irrigate  ⒄ to buy M dainty come to an agreement?

Qin Chuan development released annals to show recently, the company achieved sales revenue 2010 14.3 billion yuan, grow 25.8% compared to the same period; Vest in appears on the market profit of company shareholder net 107 million yuan, grow 15.1% compared to the same period; Every accrual 0.31 yuan.

Achieved sales revenue 2010 770 million yuan, grow 16.4% compared to the same period.

2010, group of plain of the Qin Dynasty holds to technology and market strategy of double oriented development does not shake, each enterprise is grabbed seize historical new opportunity, development market new requirement, around tone structure, turn means, increase the devoted strength of research and development, technical reformation continuously, begin each work that fulfils sale brand to build year of activity deep, economic norms of each main technique achieves annual again the history is new tall.

End at present, group of plain of the Qin Dynasty had completed engine of roll flute of gear of cylinder of large numerical control (Qin Chuan develops) , machine of roll flute of round bevel gear of large numerical control (Qin Chuan develops) , center of lathe of high speed numerical control and turning (treasure chicken machine tool) , ball guide screw and linear slideway (Hanjiang, fill multinomial country is blank. Other project is being carried out by plan node.

Day photograph invests analysis of Zhang Lei of academy of advisory limited company to think, qin Chuan develops 233 million yuan to receive Zhang fund beforehand, and the corresponding period of the year before last year has 88.23 million yuan only, receive Zhang money to grow considerably beforehand for the company income growth was buried 2011 played a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story.

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