Industry of machine tool tool greets the dawn that derate tax policy adjusts

The enterprise looks forward to interest good policy to emerge in endlessly, wait to be gotten by the dawn of policy new round growth region. Really, decrease those who avoid tax policy this to adjust, the purpose is to support international manufacturing industry, enterprise of stimulant foreign capital markets international equipment more. Of this one policy apply, let cover the machine tool industry in financial crisis dense fog, saw the hope that spread out.

Old since, what wait for technology of tool industry high-grade to the machine tool as a result of foreign capital enterprise is exacting, and the privilege that place of our country policy offers, the foreign trader always delivers proud view Xiang Hai inside, cause large quantities of promoting capital outflow. And the adjustment of this policy, suggestive still machine tool of numerical control of our country of another unspoken words in a play left to the understanding of the audience or reader already by is become enter autumn temporarily, namely the numerical control machine tool that international has a technology to cannot arrive at a target to ask and amount of pressure forming machine already large quantities of accretion.

According to understanding, decrease those who avoid tax policy this to adjust, secondary is to support international manufacturing industry to spread out, the international that invigorates equipment of much break down of foreign capital enterprise is promoted. Although to foreign capital enterprise exit has certain effect, but provide production company to international for, it is a good news undoubtedly. Exit no longer duty-free, about foreign capital enterprise for, hard to avoid won’t suffer an effect. Enterprise of the foreign capital before adjusting this exports a machine tool kind equipment avoids the policy that pays custom duty and value added tax. Foreign capital enterprise exports this kind of equipment to resemble enjoying duty-free privilege euqally before no longer.

Duty of hard to avoid of industry of machine tool tool ” new directory ” regular 141 kinds, than ” original list ” add 37 kinds, secondary does not have mill of numerical control boring machining center, numerical control is heavy-duty center lathe, numerical control is heavy-duty vertical lathe, numerical control is heavy-duty grinder, numerical control planer-type milling machine, numerical control is heavy-duty gear-hobbing machine, milling machine of numerical control boring, boring machine of numerical control coordinate, grinder, modular machine tool, dragon door type the Jiao Zhi of machining center and partial norms (smooth) machine, forging to wait with compressor. In the meantime, still progressed the technical standards of machine tool of a batch of numerical control regards balance as the target with machining precision. Be not numerical control machine tool, ” new directory ” made serious tone rectify, machine tools of all blame numerical control export regulation not to grant duty-free, the metallic cutting machine tool that includes to be not numerical control, metallic processing machine tool. A batch of woodworker, cast mechanical, measure to measured appearance to also progress technical standards, expanded limits of duty of hard to avoid.

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