De Maji machining center of 5 axes high speed but day and night keeps running continuously

The Krallmann group that Germany hopes to ascend dark of a person of extraordinary powers is made in die-casting tool and plastic technology domain is world-famous. Recently, the plant investment that independent tool of Xidenghaosen makes an enterprise be located in Sauer from Demaji introduced HSC20linear of machining center of 5 axes high speed. Of this equipment (standard) main shaft rotate speed can be achieved minutely 42000 turn. Meanwhile, krallmann still ordered PH10~100 of tray storage system, so that be in nightly and realize unmanned operation on the weekend. Outside can achieving unconventional precision with modular chamfer besides the rough sketch that treatment gives; The cupreous electrode appearance that production gives can achieve lens side effect almost. Divide this beyond, this equipment is returned can day and night keeps running continuously, because this can rise greatly,produce can. In view of with Demaji long-term and good, also be very successful collaboration at the same time, krallmann hesitates none almost the ground with respect to make choice of Demaji regards equipment as the supplier. Nevertheless, dust Er · Dr. Shi Baisi expresses company general manager and summer of rice of financial chief inspector: “Before investment introduces device of a new machine, people also can look the product that fastens the home and quoted price of course. Nevertheless, objective for, go soon, do not have any products and quote to be able to place on a par with the HSC20linear of automation. And the HSC20linear of automation also is one branch alone beautiful ” . The group is senior the Lainaer Kelaerman of leader and CTO, to HSC20linear whole of this one automation ties the configuration with compact interconnected system and simple operation, work especially open degree of the space, offerred affirmation.