Wen Jiabao of premier of the State Council surveys group of Dalian machine tool all right

Recently, wen Jiabao of premier of members of standing committee of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council saves city of governor Zhang Wenyue, Dalian to lead Li Kejiang, Zhang Chengyin, Xia Deren, Wang Chengmin in Liaoning accompany next inspecting. Chen Yong of president of group of Dalian machine tool, president leaves wait for company leader to accompanied Wen Jiabao to visit plant area and production to create the spot all right. In inspecting, chen Yong left to introduce new plant area of group of Dalian machine tool to build the case such as level of circumstance and technical level, research and development and engineering capability to Premier Wen, reported be in in recent years government of Liaoning provincial Party committee, province, of Dalian municipal Party committee, municipal government support energetically below, seize the historical opportunity that promotes base of northeast old industry closely, take the route of the own innovation that gives priority to with me, conform with international, the new positive result that the respect obtains waits in product development. The introduction leaves in Chen Yong after the series new product such as machining center of high speed of 5 axes linkage, premier Wen is before machine tool of machining center of a horizontal, watched the cutting process of this machine tool carefully. Precision of index of the structural property that Chen Yong opened to introduce this machine tool to Premier Wen, technology, treatment, work efficiency. Hear when to this machine tool reachs world advanced level, praise again and again when Premier Wen. Then, chen Yong opens door of a when pointing to the spot to be being debugged large dragon machine tool of machining center of 5 axes linkage says, this machine tool is all and homebred change, market sale is very good also, replaced an entrance, can process the work of of all kinds and large, complex form, satisfied modern treatment manufacturing industry adequately to dragon door high-powered, Gao Ke relies on machining center the requirement of gender, tall precision. Premier Wen says gladly: The level of numerical control machine tool is mechanization of a country, modern important sign, representing ability of the scientific level of a country, innovation and integrated capacity, china should become the big state that manufactures numerical control machine tool. Visitting the site, premier Wen still watched a put station () the part of numerical control function that has world advanced level and own intellectual property. Before system of a numerical control, premier Wen is interested in the ground to enquire Chen Yong to leave very, the function of these numerical control systems, class and produce can wait for a circumstance. Chen Yong left to make a reply one by one. Chen Yong leaves to say to Premier Wen report, change in national hair appoint fall with the support of Ministry of Education, group of Dalian machine tool and university of Hua Zhongke ability cooperate together, established limited company of numerical control of Dalian high gold, batch produced the system of Dalian numerical control of own intellectual property, and system of high-grade numerical control has configured machine tool of homebred and high-grade numerical control to go up. Premier Wen listened to say gladly: You this is true yield learns to grind to be united in wedlock. Open the main shaft of high speed report that pointing to to have world advanced level to say to Premier Wen when Chen Yong, in recent years, group of Dalian machine tool adopts transfer of technology, digest, absorb innovate again, learn in order to produce to grind to combine own innovation and the approach that practice gather 2 times to innovate, mastered the world top class technology of the product such as a variety of machine tools and component of numerical control function very quickly, when forming the circumstance such as the technology that has own intellectual property and product brand, premier Wen leaves to Chen Yong praise say: Functional component is the core part of numerical control machine tool, you start tall, development is rapid, this is the result that you innovate independently, it is you produce the crystallization that learns to grind to be united in wedlock. The having that Chen Yong opened to still introduce to collect numerous car to make limited company for Shanghai to Premier Wen the car of advanced level changes international to a treatment transfer matic. Premier Wen praises again and again, encourage supply equipment more for the industry such as the car. In the workshop, woman worker of a youth is operating machining center, premier Wen is kind chat with this youth woman worker, ask she is which college graduate, have a job how long. Young woman worker made a reply one by one. Premier Wen is encouraged say, technology of study numerical control has an outlook very much, must have mastered this skill. Young woman worker expresses, anything but of disappoint premier enjoin, learn well certainly. In ministry of numerical control career, premier Wen is pointing to to discharge high-grade machining center, question the function of these machine tools, class and use, what product is the world is top-ranking, chen Yong left to make the introduction one by one. In looking around, the project technology personnel of the employee that Premier Wen works with the spot in succession and foreign collaboration company had kind communication.