Neat 2 machine tools innovate to pass news of victory again independently

5 axes linkage mixes type of new-style dragon door online bed: Twister of fiber of numerical control of world head stage: The Asia is the biggestNeat 2 machine tools innovate to pass news of victory again independentlyA few days ago, the first XNZ2430 of world is new-style and large 5 axes mix dragon door type twister of fiber of online bed and Asia’s biggest SKCR165/1200 numerical control is in neat development of group of 2 machine tools is successful, will appear on the fair of industry of 2007 China International that held in Shanghai November ceremoniously. 5 axes mix type of door of new-style and as large as the XNZ2430 that Tsinghua university collaboration develops dragon online bed is neat the country that 2 machine tools assume 863 projects namely ” tall, essence, needle ” significant numerical control equips — 5 axes linkage mixes type of door of new-style and large dragon online. The machine tool that mix couplet (call fictitious axis the machine tool again) be called the new-style treatment facilities of 21 centuries. It overcame the inherent limitation of machine tool of traditional series construction, have modular degree is tall, rigid tall, athletic component weight light, acceleration precision of big, treatment is advanced advantage, can realize treatment of numerical control of much coordinate linkage. It is special those who apply to treatment to contain figure of complex curved surface is bigger, longer spare parts and kind of lamina kind spare parts, apply to national defence, war industry, aerospace, generate electricity equipment, mould makes the crucial and accurate part that waits for an industry to machine curved surface of three dimensional space. Neat twister of fiber of 2 machine tools and the SKCR165/1200 that collaboration of Harbin Institute of Technology develops numerical control still belongs to first in home, and again fill home technology is blank. Twister of fiber of this numerical control is the high-end product that smashs block of western country technology to replace an entrance, the colophony that is linkage of 5 coordinate control, 4 coordinate base composite material is twined shape the private plane of large numerical control of component part. This machine includes what 5 coordinate dominate 4 coordinate linkage to twine orbit to control system of automation of system of automation of system, tension, temperature and quality to assure a system, can realize the component such as swing tower of cylinder, conic, ball, hyperboloid, assembly swing tower to twine, also can undertake the multidimensional and complex curved surface such as rectangular and sectional, multinomial and assembly appearance structural member twine. XNZ2430 is new-style and large 5 axes linkage mixes dragon door type the successful development of twister of fiber of online bed and SKCR165/1200 numerical control, broke technical block of the west, for the national defence industry of our country development provided powerful technology and equipment safeguard, the mark is worn our country has reached world banner level in this domain, at the same time also establish neat the standing of soldiers of the person at the head of a procession that 2 machine tools are in enterprise of machine tool of Chinese heavy-duty numerical control, revealed neat the abundant actual strength that 2 machine tools innovate independently and achievement of plentiful and substantial. XNZ2430 of world head stage is new-style and large 5 axes linkage mixes dragon door type online bed was in recently neat development of 2 machine tools is successful. The graph is debugged to be versed in people is being installed nervously.