9 years sales volume forecasts machine tool of homebred numerical control

The reporter changes from national hair appoint gotten information expresses, “915 ” machine tool of homebred numerical control takes last stage the specific gravity hopeful of domestic demand from present inadequacy 40 % rise to 50 % above, machine tool of homebred numerical control uses his functional component to achieve 60 % above. Hair change appoint concerned controller expresses, perspective of development of industry of our country machine tool is wide. According to lathe of our country numerical control 1996 consume an amount to 2005, plan to close through the model, predict selling quantity of numerical control lathe will amount to 89 thousand 2009, year all increase rate is 16.5 % . According to our country machining center 1996 to 2005 spending increases a model, predict machining center consumed an amount to will amount to 28 thousand 2009, relatively 2005 year all increase rate is 17.8 % . Sale of machine tool of homebred 2009 numerical control and increase rate are forecastedPredict sales volume of numerical control lathe 9 years89 thousandYear all increase rate16.5 %Predict machining center consumes an amount 9 years28 thousandRelatively 2005 year all increase rate17.8 %