War industry industry brings turning point to machine tool of homebred numerical control

Recently, informal discussion of application of machine tool of homebred numerical control was in war industry industry 2009 Beijing is held. This the conference changes by national hair appoint, bureau of industry of science and technology of industry and informatization ministry, national defence is sponsorred jointly, association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool and Chinese peace use association of war industry technology to undertake jointly. The conference released the 4th batch ” war industry industry is high-grade guideline of demand of numerical control machine tool ” and ” machine tool of homebred numerical control recommends 2009 edition product collection ” . It is reported, this conference has held 4 continuously, had become war industry industry and machine tool industry to grow the main job platform of effect collaboration mechanism, promoted the effective communication of these two industries and joint development effectively. “Pass the effort that comes for years, enterprise of Chinese war industry already purchased homebred machine tool to develop from original passivity present purchase actively, show what machine tool of homebred numerical control already got an user to approbate. ” national hair changes appoint vice director Zhang Guobao expresses. Wang Yi pliable but strong expresses deputy director general of bureau of industry of national defence science and technology, at present company of group of Chinese aviation industry the numerical control machine tool of 80% is card of home made product. Company of group of Chinese arms industry plans Guo Xiaoting of department vice director to express, this group has the machine tool product of 90% to purchase homebred product at present. As we have learned, ” machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment great science and technology is special executive plan ” with the State Council ” equipment manufacturing industry is adjusted and promote a program ” and industry of national defence science and technology ” project of synergism of machine tool of 1000 numerical control ” carry out advancing steadily at present. Below the guiding of good in government sector benefit policy and support, the mechanism of lasting effect collaboration of war industry industry and machine tool industry is perfected stage by stage and enter the path of standardization, the collaboration of both sides of supply and demand enters the most pleasant stage gradually and consolidate ceaselessly, machine tools of nearly 40 high-grade numerical control that draft an entrance are passed homebred change argumentation instead home to buy, more and more machine tool enterprises rely on war industry major project to obtain major breakthrough in relevant technology domain, strong the own innovation that promoted entire industry and technology progress.