The numerical control lathe of 2 machine has the honor to win Chongqing name of new product of Chongqing city key

Plan of key new product is to accelerate science and technology achievement is changed, a when stimulative industry technology innovates and establish vital science and technology plans, basically support innovation sex to the tall, new product that has own intellectual property develops content of strong, technology and develop an activity. Via city committee of science and technology the organization is declared and the expert is evaluated, new product of the 2nd batch of keys of Chongqing city planned to already decided 2010, what the company declares is new article ” lathe of CK6440PX numerical control ” , ” lathe of C2-6450P numerical control ” be judged to be new product of Chongqing city key by Chongqing city committee of science and technology, cognizance time rises from November 18, 2010, period of efficacy 2 years.