Turner safety operating rules

1.Before lathe actuate, must ask according to what safety operates, apparel correctly good labor protecting material, serious scrutiny machine tool each component and protector are in good condition, on the safe side, cheer lubricant machine tool, make low speed sky carry locomotive 2-3 minute, movement of examination machine tool is normal. 2.Assemble and unassemble when chuck and great work, should have all round the examination trouble-free content, mat is very wood-block, in order to protect bed area, should get stuck, it is very firm, good to wear, the balance should do well by weight when content of car lay particular stress on, the outfit clip of workpiece and tool wants firm, in case workpiece or tool fly off from inside clamping apparatus, the chuck key, spanner that cover a cap should be taken. 3.When the machine tool runs, forbidden wear glove operation; The whirl of machine tool of the forbidden feeling that use a hand part; Forbidden lathe is being lain between in lathe movement deferent thing; Assemble and unassemble workpiece, install cutting tool, clean on oil and clean cut bits, all should jockey undertake, cleared scrap uses brush or hook, prohibit be being pulled with the hand. 4.When the machine tool runs, forbid to measure workpiece, forbid to go with the hand evil spirit live rotational chuck, with rubber thing, should put on the file, rubber of the forbidden apply mechanically that wear a hand is operated, worn-out rubber forbids to use, forbid to use the file that do not have a handle, must not make stop a car with switch of car of positive and negative, should via intermediate brake process. 5.Quantity of treatment workpiece cutting and feed quantity are unfavorable exceed big, lest machine tool overload or stalk live,workpiece causes accident. 6.When cutting thick workpiece cannot penetration of a cutting tool jockeys, if need,jockey should roll out lathe tool quickly. Cutting is longer workpiece must be worn in center of proper place put away, prevent workpiece to throw the person that bend an injury, the makings marvellous length that extends the head of a bed does not exceed vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy of the head of a bed besides. And accommodation train treatment, when extending, should notice to defend. 7.When high speed cutting, without shield not cutting, of workpiece, tool secure should firm, when the copper that cut boots expects, should have cut unit, need use loose tip, splatter when scrap serious when, should be in what installation fender makes all round the machine tool to be kept apart with operation area. 8.When the machine tool runs, handlers cannot leave a machine tool, when discovering machine tool movement is abnormal, answer to jockey instantly, please machine the examination that build project is repaired. Should balk when power supply, should shut a machine tool instantly or the other unit that start, exit cutting tool working place. 9.When the job must sideways station is operating the place, prohibit the chuck that the body is facing roll. 10.When the job ends, should cut off machine tool power source or total power supply, quit cutting tool or work from working place, clear the worker worker that puts good place to use, clip, measure, brush clear machine tool. 11.Lamp of furnish local lighting all answers on every machine tool, the illume on the machine tool should use safe tension (36V is the following) .