The machining center of axle control of U of 5 axes + exhibits on ferry

Be in on Japanese ferry ” machine tool of the 23rd Japan is exhibited (JIMTOF2006) ” on exhibited to take the machining center with spatial province seriously ” U300 ” . Can realize 5 treatment. Outside be being machined except 5 axes, still use the U axle control of the radial and mobile lathe tool that Xiang Xuan turns, realized all sorts of turning treatment. “Because can be on a machine tool,the past that finish needs the treatment that makes on different machine tool, because this can save factory space ” (spot staff member) . Use U axle control, the taper that can make be finished almost impossibly in machining (Taper) treatment, tap treatment and spherical treatment. Still but more undertake multistage is machined conveniently wait with treatment opening slot. Save the result that the space turns to rise, used ” perpendicular ” model tray changes implement (Pallet Magazine) . Tray resembles is to watch the car that sees a car to circulate back and forth euqally. With tray transverse permutation means photograph is compared, but of will whole equipment covered an area of area control to be in 60 % left and right sides. The exterior dimension of equipment is wide 3970 × depth 2300 × tall 2740mm. The mobile quantity of X, Y and Z axis is respectively 410, 360 with 400mm. Main shaft rotate speed is 40 ~ 12000rpm, the biggest rotate speed of lathe tool is 3000rpm. Tray changes implement can load 10 tray, cutting tool changes implement can load 120 cutting tool.