Labour believes a ministry to hold the group of great and special leader such as machine tool of high-grade numerical control to meet

On Feburary 3, 2009, industry and informatization ministry are held ” machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment ” science and technology is great and special leader group meeting, the conference is mixed by industry informatization ministry minister, special guidance is chaired in Li Yi of group group leader. Industry and informatization ministry, hair changes appoint, the member joined the leader group of the unit such as courtyard of bureau of work of family of ministry of science and technology, Ministry of finance, Ministry of Education, national defence, Chinese Academy of Sciences, project the conference, conference of attend as a nonvoting delegate of group leader of vice director of office of special executive government, overall group. Miao Wei of director of office of industry and informatization ministry undersecretary, special executive government did the job to report to the conference. The conference is discussed passed advisory committee of office of special executive government, overall group, expert list of 3 origanization construction and regulation of special and confidential job, temporary to special executive government measure put forward to revise a proposal, and the principle was passed special the first project that start plans 2009 year. Conference decision, put on record by the program as soon as possible and give an official 3 origanization construction; Revise perfect and special executive government further temporary measure, after reaching unanimous opinion, release along with all the others with regulation of special and confidential job; Each member unit should feedback on time right special ” 915 ” plan and 2009 the modification opinion of annual plan; Clutch the guideline of the project approving that has the first task that start and follow-up task releases the job.