Heavy industry of 3 water chestnut is in large dragon door adds column gate in machining center series inside wide the type that is 4m

Heavy industry of 3 water chestnut rolled out large dragon door 5 machining center ” Plano-Machining MVR ” the ritzy type of series — inside column door wide be 4.25m ” Plano-Machining MVR 45 ” . Can machine Japanese Road Traffic Law to set upper limit (wide 3.5m) large metal component. Basically face the component such as liquid crystal, solar battery and the treatment that make coal tub component wait. Main shaft rotate speed is 6000rpm, fast feed speed is 18m/min. To achieve the lasting accuracy that runs for long and efficiency, through increasing column door and beam, raised the tigidity of whole machine tool. Additional, the slip orbit bizygomatic breadth that enlarging workbench while, orbit root number increased 4 from 2, the stability after ensuring workbench is increased thereby. The length of workbench is standard 6m. At this moment, but 35t of the biggest load. Workbench length can be 8m or 10m through choosing set, can part 30t of the biggest load and 25t. Match stock machine program to make software. This software has a program to assist a function, need to input a few information only can set a variety of treatment mode. In addition, undertake to can operating an area main maintenance works, in the operation the area configured a variety of device centrally, and to facilitate processing cuts bits, conveyer belt unit was provided in airframe interior, rose to be reached easily with the gender safeguard a gender.