Gram of hill Qi campstool uses motor of linear, DD to assemble high speed 5 axes machining center

Hill Qi campstool is overcome (Yamazaki MaZaK) development went drive source to introduce linear motor and direct drive (DD) 5 axle control of motor vertical machining center (MC) ” HYPER VARIAXIS 630 ” , exhibit on JIMTOF 2010. In synchronism on the workpiece cutting of 5 axle control, raised fast feed rate, shortened total handling time. In X (airframe is transverse) / Y (airframe takes deep way) / Z (airframe is perpendicular direction) linear motor all is used on the axis, rate of will fast feed rose 80m/ minute. And lever of silk of assorted use ball is mixed before normally motor fast feed speed is 40m/ minute, rate rose 2 times. Except raised fast feed rate through using DD motor besides, because tigidity is tall,return and without recoil, so treatment precision also can rise. Treatment object workpiece is mixed for the plane generate electricity the spare parts such as the use impeller such as equipment and car component. Can machine a diameter 730 × height (length) 500mm, the workpiece under weight 500kg. The price is 45.2 million yen (do not contain tax) . Already sold the European business that processes car component allegedly.