Foundation of machine tool of high-grade numerical control makes expert of equipment science and technology recommend the job to start

Carry out by industry and informatization ministry organization ” machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment ” science and technology is great and special (the following abbreviation ” special ” ) start formally already. Be changed to improve the science of special government and standardization level, office of special executive government plans to build special expert warehouse, commend the work at starting an expert a few days ago, the expert that has a requirement is chosen to enter expert library in drafting the technique that recommends from relevant unit, management, financial expert. Recommend an unit to will include to be engaged in domain of special and relevant technology (component of system of lead plane of lead plane of numerical control machine tool, fundamental production equipment, numerical control, function, tool, crucial part and general character technology) research, development and production, the company that has capacity of stronger research and development (include user company) , place of courtyard of institution of higher learing, scientific research and the relevant guild of afore-mentioned domains. The expert age that drafts put in storage will not exceed 65 years old; Have deputy advanced reach above title, the research and development that afore-mentioned technical domains basically pursue inside nearly 5 years or government work; The technologist should be in main researcher serves as inside 5 years recently, had assumed scientific research of the national level, class that visit a department to plan a project, or as main researcher, had developed the innovation product that has own intellectual property and technology, this product and technology are pushed successfully already to the market. Expert library expert will need according to the job, attend special evaluation, evaluate, task examination and check and accept wait for the job.