The stage amounts to cost of lathe of double head numerical control to restrain plan

1, foreword

   Lathe of double head numerical control is belonged to nonstandard numerical control lathe, it is equipment of special machine tool. Client basis use unit is concrete technical condition, use a stage to amount to Electromechanical unifinication technology to use program, control facility cost effectively, satisfy the applied requirement of final user goodly.

   Double head numerical control is special the main feature of lathe is to use box of double main shaft to have two-way treatment to adding workpiece. Relative to the one-way treatment process at traditional lathe, special lathe realized double head numerical control two-way treatment, academic treatment efficiency raises one times. Taller to locating the coaxial that holds clip spends a requirement 2 times not easily dish set kind with short axis kind (do not want tailstock tip) treatment of spare parts batch, CNC nicety is full automatic double head lathe is efficient it is exclusive treatment facilities even. Lathe of double head numerical control includes to control slippery entablement, left and right sides to procrastinate greatly board, electric machinery of deputy, or so fore-and-aft servo mixes guide screw of or so fore-and-aft ball numerical control device. Main shaft of as fixed as its connective is set between or so slippery entablement, this main shaft inside set hollow main shaft, drive-box and frequency conversion electric machinery, procrastinate greatly in the left and right sides board on in setting transverse left and right sides, procrastinate board, should procrastinate in the left and right sides board on the guide screw of or so transverse ball that sets form a complete set deputy with electric machinery of or so transverse servo.

2, systematic design

   Technology of 2.1 control system is analysed

   Lathe of double head numerical control basically develops this case the purpose is pursuit treatment efficiency, craft movement is simpler, its are big splint is OK and optional fore-and-aft motion, box of left main shaft starts, towards the left of big splint speed is mobile, labour turns into to take penetration of a cutting tool after reaching the designated position, electric machinery of the main shaft after treatment reachs the designated position quits movement, and the apply the brake on the horse, main shaft installs electromagnetism brake brake, main shaft instant stops; Big splint drives boring cutter to be exited quickly, the intermit after reaching the designated position on the right side of is mobile, main shaft electric machinery starts on the right side of, big splint moves right quickly, labour turns into to take penetration of a cutting tool after reaching the designated position, electric machinery of the main shaft after treatment reachs the designated position quits movement, movement of electromagnetism brake brake, brake of main shaft instant, big splint drives boring cutter to be exited quickly reach the designated position, await the next to machine a movement, one machines a loop to end back and forth, next loop continues to work, go round and round, until press stop key-press, end whole job process, equipment stops machine is on call. Workpiece clamping apparatus is head of hydraulic pressure card, set pressure inadequacy to call the police show, hint the person that use notices.

   2.2 equipment are electric dominate program

   Do not have very strict requirement to machining precision considering this case equipment, made the control system solution that contrasts economy. Sketch map of composition of principle of electric control system is like the lathe of double head numerical control that is based on a stage to amount to automation platform the graph is shown 1 times.    

Graph lathe of numerical control of 1 pair of heads is electric control a system

   On position control implement use a stage to amount to A2P of numerical control system – 1 only axle control implement, cost is inferior, suit applied situation of the client completely, numerical control system sends servo driver to run pulse command, execute essence of life to follow fixed position demand, big splint moves to be controlled by servo, considering the real need of inertia of big splint movement, we choose a stage to amount to motor of servo of the inertia in A series 3.0KW, provide adequate dynamical source. Main shaft report
Machine 5.5KW, chose two stages to amount to B series to communicate frequency control implement, main shaft rotate speed achieves 3000RPM, through transducer number operation face plate shows electric machinery rotate speed in real time, electric machinery starts often, electromagnetism brake apply the brake stops. Frequency instruction origin is exterior potentiometer knob, want timing of labour of ask for help according to the treatment of different workpiece. Transducer movement commands by relay contact is controlled, output switch command by numerical control system.

   2.3 control system comes true

   (1) numerical control system: The stage amounts to PUTNCA2P – 1, .
   (2) servo driver: The stage amounts to ASD – A3023MA, .
   (3) servo is motor: The stage amounts to ASMT – 30M250AK, 1.
   (4) transducer: The stage amounts to VFD055B43A, 2.

3, the stage amounts to A2P system to debug

   Run a state actually according to equipment spot, JOG (the hand is moved) ratio of inertia of load of servo of cipher out of the appraise below means, according to this value, software of computation of use servo gain debugs servo gain, check repeatedly, adjust equal treatment precision status to fall. Transducer has set relevant parameter, timing and locomotive command by exterior offer. The numerical control product of machine program of user of system of A2P numerical control and other is not quite same, similar fill in electronic form form, final order is as follows:

4, last word

   This case technology program comes true more easily, the article is not outstanding technology innovation, it is have the aid of only the article, reflect a stage to amount to DELTA mechanical and electrical products to change the dominant position of solution and face of sexual price example in Electromechanical an organic whole, can satisfying a client on the foundation of real skill demand, it is a client as far as possible managing economy cost, also amount to mechanical and electrical products to realize control system to asked to offer for stage of other user application draw lessons from and consult experience.