The development state of affairs of machine tool of our country numerical control

Our country begins to research technology of numerical control machining from 1958, the workpiece development that 60 time are aimed at the complex form such as the mural awl, gear that be not a circle went milling machine of awl of numerical control wall, numerical control to be not round gear to insert the equipment such as tine machine, assured to machine quality, reduced waste, improved efficiency, obtained favorable result. 70 time are aimed at the aviation industry urgent need that machines complex form spare parts, from numerical control machine tool was organized to tackle key problem since 1973 encounter, try hard through 3 years, to 1975 already trial-produce manufactured 40 many variety machine tool of many 300 numerical control. According to the data of national statistic bureau, from 1973-1979 year, machine tool of numerical control of birth of accumulative total of the whole nation inside 7 years 4108 (make an appointment with 3/4 above amount to to charge line cut machine tool among them) . From technical level for, our country already reached the technical level of 60 time later period of foreign roughly. To foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, be badly in need of in order to solve an user, strive for infiltrate international market, around our country was adopted 1980 temporary from abroad (basically be from Japan and United States) introduce numerical control device and servo drive system, for the guiding principle of form a complete set of homebred lead plane, effect sees greatly inside a few years. 1981, our country sends that division from Japan (FANUC) the company was introduced 5, 7, the system mixes the 3 numerical control that wait for series to sort servo electric machinery continuously, shed technology of main shaft electric machinery continuously, built plant of numerical control facility in institute of Beijing machine tool, begin to check and accept put into production when annual bottom, production arranged 40 systems 1982, production arranged 100 systems 1983, production arranged 400 systems 1985, servo electric machinery and main shaft electric machinery also production of form a complete set. These systems are the level of 70 time of foreign, the function is more complete, reliability is higher, make machine tool industry grew numerical control machine tool to have credible base so, make the lead plane breed of our country and technical level have greater progress and rise. 1982, the XHK754 horizontal machining center that factory of the first machine tool produces Qinghai, the lathe of CK7815 numerical control that factory of Great Wall machine tool produces, the JCS018 vertical machining center that institute of Beijing machine tool produces, the cylindrical grinder of end panel of H160 numerical control that factory of Shanghai machine tool produces, can have the job reliably, formed batch production in succession. 1984 only machinist trade department manufactures numerical control machine tool 650, the whole nation in those days total output is 1620, already a few product begins to enter an international market, the numerical control machine tool that still has production of a few kinds of collaboration sells back abroad. 1985, the breed of machine tool of our country numerical control already had new development, besides machine tool of cut of line of of all kinds numerical control, other all sorts of metallic cutting machine tools (machining center of the vertical that is like all sorts of norms, horizontal, lathe of numerical control of vertical, horizontal, numerical control milling machine, numerical control grinder) , also had huge development. New breed add up to 45 kinds. To the end of 1989, of machine tool of our country numerical control already can exceed 300 kinds for breed, among them numerical control lathe is occupied 40% , machining center is occupied 27% .

   Current, our country eliminates the numerical control machine tool that has design and manufacturing routine (the car that includes MNC system, mill, machining center machine tool) outside, returned production to go out flexible production system. Development of institute of Beijing machine tool succeeded 1984 FMC, 1 with FMC, 2 flexible treatment is unit, began again later flexible the development of production system works, send cooperation of that family company with Japan, the first is built inside institute of Beijing machine tool flexible production system (JCS, FMC, 1 model) , the rod that is used at machining dc servo electric machinery kind, flange dish kind, brush rocker body kind with housing kind 14 kinds of spare partses. In recent years, rely on the effort of our country brainpower, already developed a success early or late and FMS was used in installation of and other places of Beijing, Changchun. All these explains, the technology of machine tool numerical control of our country had entered a new development period. Predict to be in not far in the future, our country will be caught up with and exceed the level of world advanced nation.