Product of two high end passes machine tool of Sichuan long march appraisal

The graph is LVC600 of long march machine tool machining center of 5 coordinate lamina

On December 23, 2009, the 5 coordinate of LVC600 that development of group of machine tool of Sichuan long march develops new product of blade machining center and machining center of vertical of high accuracy of AVCP1200H high speed, passed appraisal of provincial new product. Appraisal meets new product achievement save hall of science and technology to organize an expert to be held in limited company of group of machine tool of Sichuan long march by Sichuan.
As we have learned, these two kinds of new products belong to high end of long march machine tool gross new product develops a project, it is a gender valence comparing is extremely tall applicable model machine tool, its technology level already reached current world advanced level, have stronger market competition ability, can replace an entrance completely.
Machining center of vertical of high accuracy of AVCP1200H high speed is basis of long march machine tool machine tool of a kind of when the development on the foundation that change and absorbs advantage of product of manufacturer of world advanced machine tool of user demand goes new structure, not only machining center of the C that layout form is different from a tradition vertical, its configuration and long march company’s existing AVC1200 vertical machining center also differs somewhat, its are integrated and mechanical function and parameter have advantage more.
Current, technology of world advanced machine tool appears give a kind of such trends: Let cutting tool more make motion of each axis feed as far as possible, the feed motion number of axle that work place does has been jumped over lesser. Such advantage is to be able to raise the treatment of the machine tool to answer function, improvement the spare parts machines quality.
On the structure that fulfils a machine tool for, machine tool of traditional C structure is in machine tool developed country is less and less, the machine tool of all sorts of new structures got developing. The VP600 of OKK of the RP800 of Rhodes of the HSM800 of Mi Kelang of the V56 with wild herd of the DMC1035V that is like German DMG, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Japan. The advantage that AVC1200H vertical machining center absorbs technology of above machine tool just about and the new structure machine tool of the design. The DMC1035V of its structure type and DMG is similar.
The expert thinks, this machine tool achieved congener product international advanced level, lead position is in in home. The proposal reduces cost further, develop the market actively, contented home market is crucial to this kind the demand of equipment.
5 coordinate of LVC600 blade machining center is long march machine tool provide handsome cover in the light of blade difficult treatment of complex, material, precision is tall (especially outline precision demand is high) characteristic and machine tool of a kind of when develop a design new structure, use change pillar structure, make X, Y, Z3 directional motion has total travel to include, raised the stability of the machine tool and precision consistency. Via expert appraisal, this machine tool is in domestic banner level, main specifications index is close to international congener product is advanced level, the proposal perfects exterior function further.
The trial-produce of two kinds of products develops a success, machine tool of predicting long march will come true every year: Profit of AVCP1200H vertical machining center 1 million yuan, the section collects 800 thousand dollar, exit is achieved collect 800 thousand dollar; 5 coordinate of LVC600 profit of blade machining center 13 million yuan, taxation 16 million yuan, the section collects 8 million dollar, exit is achieved collect 8 million dollar.
In addition, two this when long march machine tool develops have the high-end product of own intellectual property, still be able to promote effectively on technology of general character key, promoted the development of technology of equipment of our country numerical control, the crucial industry that is a country provides efficient treatment equipment, drive local economy growth, replaced the respect such as the entrance to make enormous contribution.