Mill of car of Lu Na machine tool is compound machining center and dynamical knife tower two taste newly through appraisal

On December 5, by limited company of Shandong Lu Na machine tool the TMC25 of own research and development fastens train mill compound machining center and tower of knife of BMT65 horizontal motivation two products, passed appraisal of achievement of provincial science and technology smoothly. Yu Chengting of director of reputation of association of tool of Chinese machine tool, shandong saves chairman of machinist trade association Liu Weidong attended this appraisal to meet.

Current, market of world machine tool forward way of high speed, compound, intelligence, environmental protection develops. Compound machining center can finish the Che Xi that Lu Na machine tool develops already turning function, can finish mill again, auger, the function such as aperture of boring, tap, bore with a reamer, reaming, still have length of automatic workpiece exchange, cutting tool to detect with automatic lukewarm accuse to wait for add function, it is collect what contemporary intelligence machines is the most typical reflect, the high-end domain key such as contented war industry, aerospace is complex the treatment demand of the spare parts.

Come for years, lu Na machine tool holds to from beginning to end ” innovate continuously, improve continuously ” strategic principle, advance innovation continually, adjust and the brand builds the job, every year 30 many new products put in the market, numerical control is changed rate achieve 70% above, the product infiltrates the high-end market such as war industry, aerospace, be appointed to be contest of skill of countrywide numerical control special device, obtain ” Chinese well-known logo ” title.

Appraisal expert group thinks, the relevant technology that mill of TMC25 series car hides form report main shaft inside tower of knife of motivation of compound machining center, high-power is had Promethean; Tower of knife of BMT65 horizontal motivation designs sex of advanced, innovation strong, two products all achieved international the advanced level of congener product, agree to pass appraisal.

At Cheng Ting the innovation achievement to limited company of Lu Na machine tool offerred sufficient affirmation. He says, suffer effect of global economy crisis, benefit of business of industry of our country mechanical machine tool presents negative growth. Below this kind of environment and condition, development of Lu Na machine tool gives new product of machine tool of two high-grade numerical control, had made reserve to develop next. These two products belong to science and technology of 194 keys of our country to tackle key problem together project content, all can come true replace an entrance. The development of tower of knife of BMT65 horizontal motivation is successful, mean Lu Na machine tool to took the lead in solving this one key functional component is homebred the issue that turn, the general character technology that also makes an industry ongoing gets developing, made contribution for industry development.