Characteristic of lathe of numerical control of SL320 of group of Yunnan CY machine tool brief analyse

Limited company of Yunnan CY group (factory of predecessor Yunnan machine tool) only then built 1961, the key mainstay business that is Chinese machinist job, exit extroversion enterprise, the country is new and high technical company. According to net of Chinese machine tool ( understanding, limited company of Yunnan CY group covers an area of a face to accumulate 462056.27 square metre, floor area 77483.99 square metre, existing asset 1.2 billion yuan, on-the-job employee 1761 people, project technology personnel 322 people, among them: Senior engineer 45 people 2009 sales revenue 870 million, 2010 sales revenue 1.2 billion, grow 34.7% compared to the same period, product numerical control is changed rate 54% .

Lathe of SL320 numerical control has the following characteristic:

1, the machine tool uses lathe bed of type of 45 ° inclined buy, the structure is optimized, defy a turn, fight twist stiffness strong;
2, linear scroll slideway, feed precision obstruction of tall, attrition is small, rigid good;
3, independent main shaft, form of foreign brand V takes drive, start fast, smooth. Bearing of accurate main shaft, use grease of foreign brand high speed to lubricate;
4, tool carrier can configure tool carrier of hydraulic pressure of homebred, Taiwan and tool carrier of foreign brand servo, tigidity is good, locking is reliable, precision is tall;
5, optional match a hand to move tailstock of locking hydraulic pressure;
6, three direction discharge bits means, convenient, agile, quick, platoon bits is more relaxed;
7, intelligence lubricates automatically means, lubricant and reliable, energy-saving decrease a platoon;

The dominant product of the company is machine tool of car of CY series general, numerical control, machining center, numerical control establish car, Che Xi compound center product, formed 5 kinds big, a variety of 300 norms, the product lineup of demand of tall, medium, low contented and different user. The product sells as far as to 70 many countries and area, exit is achieved collect more than 10 years to maintain above of 10 million dollar, rank the cogongrass before industry of countrywide machine tool, there is very tall business in domestic and international market praise. The company has the honor to win the whole nation early or late ” 51 ” exit of mechanical and electrical products of labor certificate of merit, whole nation is achieved collect advanced company, Yunnan to save exit of mechanical and electrical products to achieve collect the title such as advanced company. Passed ISO9001: Attestation of system of 2000 international quality, obtained attestation of European market CE. CY series general accuracy machine tool obtains ministry of former mechanical industry early or late high grade product and name of product of Yunnan province famous brand. 2006, 2010, the numerical control machine tool of own research and development has the honor to win machine tool of Chinese numerical control twice highest and honorary award ” Chun Yan award ” . Obtained Yunnan to save company of new and high technology to maintain 2008, have the honor to win name of benefit of quality of countrywide machinist job advanced company, 2008, 9 years the product CY6140 of CY group and CY-K500 series product have the honor to win name of product of countrywide user satisfaction again, be judged to be by government of Yunnan province people ” strong company of Yunnan province actor ” .