The breakdown of tool carrier of numerical control lathe is maintained

    Numerical control technology reachs the application of numerical control machine tool, solved certain appearance successfully complex, the automation problem of batches of medium, small spare partses with consistency high demand, this raised manufacturing efficiency and treatment precision greatly not only, still reduced labor intensity of the worker, shortened manufacturing provision is periodic. But, in use process of numerical control lathe, hard to avoid of numerical control lathe can appear all sorts of breakdown, the person that so the maintenance of breakdown became numerical control lathe to use most the problem of crucial point. Sell company after service to cannot get assuring in time on one hand, hold technology of a few maintenance to be able to decide quickly on the other hand breakdown place, shorten maintenance time, let equipment run as soon as possible rise. In daily breakdown, what we often encounter is tool carrier kind, main shaft kind, thread machining kind, the system shows kind, drive kind, communication kind wait for breakdown. And amid of tool carrier breakdown has very large proportion. Here, the 4 labour that classified introduction encounters in next routine dynamoelectric tool carrier is of all kinds breakdown and accordingly means of settlement, the hope can be offerred to everybody a few draw lessons from benignantly. The GSK that using numerical control system is production of place of limited company of equipment of Guangzhou numerical control ties system of train bed numerical control.  

    Breakdown phenomenon one: Lock of dynamoelectric tool carrier is incompact 

    Breakdown reason processing technique 

    ① post a letter dish the position was opposite: ? Li  Nai mu ジ pulls ⑿ of  of Kun of ⒌ of    to discharge channel of  of billows extensive boundless and indistinct Mi of T of Duan Huang of channel of  of Zai Jiou Zheng of  of  of  of Nai act stern already?nbsp; of lobar extensive deceive

    Does ② system lock up time to grow: not quite instead? Kun  is low remove this  to go straight towards Ru to ask busy of ㄐ of  pure mulberry Dou Qian to this  goes straight towards s of?2 of clear Deng sword can) .  

    : of breakdown of orgnaization of ③ mechanical locking? Li   of  of Sao  Kun carries  ⒓ Hu to raft ㄎ Huang  owes rare?nbsp; of Po thing full front of a Chinese gown

    Breakdown phenomenon 2: Some of dynamoelectric tool carrier knife number turns ceaseless, the others knife OK and rotational 

    Breakdown reason processing technique 

    ① does the suddenly Er component of this knife damage: ? Channel of Duan Huang of Bao of mother of Fei delicacy quiet know well of  of # of Long  brilliant is low Mei of  of  of Tou of Ga of Cheng Xiancong leg paragraph potato lifter of cap of bluff  fierce Qi carries サ of glutinous of lotus root of Mei Duan Huang to be stupefied whether does?4V contact have voltage to change, if invariant, can decide for this Dao Huoer component damages, change post a letter dish or Huoer component.  

    ② this knife line opens circuit, cause a system to cannot detect reach the designated position signal: ? Ling of  of herd of small car of arsine of Pang of lotus root of Duan Huang of Hu last Mei is owed assist  of   hamper is punished below Bi to joke?nbsp; of aurelian pure umbrella

    The knife of ③ system does signal receive circuit to there is problem: ?