It is important that elder brother machine makes machine tool of our country numerical control manufacturing base

Product numerical control changed Inc. of machine tool of Kunming of Shenyang aircraft group last year rate amount to 70 % , have international the 5 axes linkage of advanced level is large milling machine of numerical control boring already batch production, make manufacturing industry of our country equipment breaks foreign monopoly, had the most advanced machine tool of own research and development.  

Hold to own innovation for a long time, research and development of success of elder brother machine gives product of machine tool of numerical control of a batch of high-tech, already became the significant production base of machine tool of numerical control of our country large nicety, its product is used extensively at the numerous domain such as machine of spaceflight, aviation, project, v machinery, electric power machinery, agriculture machinery, nicotian machinery.  

Link the market and user demand, elder brother machine holds to fundamental sex, before technology of look up sex tackles key problem and study, innovate the technology to rise with the organic union such as innovation of system, management, mechanism, culture, form prop up each other, each other is the innovation system that promote, promote industry technology progress and product innovation, lie in boring machine of boring machine of be born mill, dragon door mill, nicety add, the respect such as technology of numerical control of 5 axes linkage realizes four-axle a series of breakthroughs.  

Production of own research and development goes out to be boring machine of mill of be born of large numerical control with TK6916, rationality of parameter of each function index, technology, structure is in lead position in home, treatment precision achieves international advanced level. This series product up to now accumulative total orders goods more than 270, overbalance 13. 500 million yuan, occupy the 60 % above of market of boring machine of mill of be born of countrywide large numerical control, become our country the equipment with the indispensable branch such as equipment of report of heavy machinery, project machine, steely, war industry, nucleus, large environmental protection.  

Pass with product of tradition of new and high technical reformation, product of implementation of elder brother machine upgrades replacement. The company undertakes numerical control technical reformation to horizontal boring machine, the TH61140 that in the whole nation first development goes high accuracy, tall tigidity, efficient, big torque, Gao Shuiping lies boring type machining center. Exhibit in machine tool of international of the 10th Europe on, exhibit round norms as Chinese ginseng the product of machine tool of high-end numerical control with the biggest, highest precision just is mixed reputably by each attention; The boring machine of mill of large be born that carries pair of new development undertakes counting accusing to change transforming, elder brother machine takes the lead in realizing numerical control of boring machine of be born mill to change in the whole nation. Last year, the company finished structures of pair of accurate horizontal machining center and function to upgrade replacement, development goes to be product of new-style, large accurate machining center with TH65125. So far, elder brother machine already developed a batch of market such as 69 series, 65 series, 62 series, 61 series the product of machine tool of high-tech numerical control that modern plane, report, smooth, fluid, gas and IT are an organic whole and batch production, product numerical control is changed rate 21 from 2001. 3 % jumps litre of 70 % to 2007, rank of benefit of company economic integration is jumped 97 times when countrywide machinist job contacts a company 100 times mainly from 2003 rise the 18th, the first place is on in industry of countrywide machine tool.  

Machine tool of numerical control of linkage of much axle control, 5 axes is product of machine tool of numerical control of contemporary high end, it is the industry such as war industry, electric power, shipping, aviation, spaceflight, mould the crucial equipment of urgent need. The course tackles key problem difficultly, elder brother machine breaks through multinomial technology difficulty, research and development is successful large numerical control combines 5 axes linkage mill boring machine, achieved linkage of 14 axle control, 5 axes, can machine curve of aleatoric and complex form and curved surface, its are large move pillar to grow the journey workbench of precision of mobile fixed position, heavy-duty circumgyrate is successive precision of graduation fixed position reach world advanced level. This collect a variety of advanced structures and high-end technology the 5 axes linkage at a suit is big