Heavy-duty center lathe and roller lathe numerical control are changed transform a design

Summary: ?
Structure reasonable, technology the numerical control with beautiful, convenient operation heavy-duty center lathe and lathe of roller of thin pieces of wood used for writing on in ancient China undertook advanced, modelling elaborate, and with C61200 common model reach brand-new number is pulled model change modelling to be with numerical control exemple undertook contrast.
Keyword: ? Artisan of box collect dainty swings? to letter numerical control of roller lathe; changes; to design; to transform

1 foreword

Undertaking to original heavy-duty center lathe and roller lathe modern numerical control is transformed is an investment little, get effective the shortcut with fast, distinct effect. The heavy-duty center lathe after user factory asks numerical control is transformed reachs roller lathe, the efficient heavy burden of the working procedure of thick, finish machining that should apply to material to be the roller such as steel of general steel, forged steel, alloy cast iron, high-speed steel, tall inscription character already carries on his shoulder or back cutting, the circle outside wanting to be able to be finished again, inside whorl of aperture, end panel, cone, inside and outside, circular arc reachs all sorts of curves the efficient and automatic cutting of the high accuracy of compound aperture F, low surface roughness. Current, factory of heavy-duty machine tool is Tang Shan successfully the C61125A of common and heavy-duty center lathe that our country’s biggest metallurgy roller creates a company, c61160, c61200G undertook numerical control is changed, modernization is transformed, obtained better economic benefits.

2 common model with brand-new numerical control heavy-duty center lathe (roller lathe) main parameter and performance are comparative (see a table 1)

Express 1

With C 61 20 0 common model with brand-new heavy-duty center lathe is numerical control exemple.
From inside expressing 1 contrast knowable:
(1) is common model with brand-new of numerical control heavy-duty center lathe and roller lathe advocate parameter, advocate limits of drive rotate speed (watch 1 in before 7) agree basically.
(Is 2) vertical, transverse feed limits: ? Bilge ㄐ ? : Feed range is narrow, and for step speed changing, motion of the feed that finish and turning whorl move, support advocate box of transmission, feed, feed rod, guide screw, smooth linkage of orgnaization of much group gearshift comes to the component such as board box, tool carrier implementation. Finish sudden shift to need to have drive of special fast electric machinery, and the half that speed is numerical control machine tool.
Brand-new numerical control: ?   paragraph  of  of  of large of ぴ of commonplace of  of  of paper of children’s hair of  of  of Kun of my badger of  of Ping of Dang of  of sieve of  of Ni of Lu of goosefoot Dong of Э Hui  casts be favored with of Cuo of  of large of Bian of  of krypton   adds fierce admire agreement drought melt black of  of  of Liang Europe  . Fast and floating rate is medium-sized 2 times, the athletic efficiency that also means idle stroke at the same time raised 2 times, auxiliary preparation time shortened half.
(Does 3) cutting machine a principle (be in order to machine the complex pass on metallurgy roller exemple) : ? Bilge? : Need to use when treatment of all kinds shape example cutting tool searchs to waiting for treatment workpiece pass to undertake roller turning is machined is opposite with the work that already processed, efficiency is low, precision is poor. The circular arc of treatment transfers precision of curvilinear dimension, outline not stable, efficiency is low, get used to the requirement with changeful pass hard.
Brand-new numerical control: ? Commonplace な shelters linkage of interpolation of axis of Pi of ignoranting Piao of silk ribbon of Yao of  of moisture in the soil, 2 axes and rotate speed of main shaft S alternate automatically, drive but the treatment of aleatoric pass curve inside department of coordinate of the plane of dislocation knife head that finish, efficiency high accuracy is tall. The change of aleatoric pass, want to change machine program to be able to suit only.
Can from the analysis of above contrast see: ? The cloud bilges artisan of allow of ㄖ box buttock swings not mould of flood dragon  swings Di of  of Tao of saute of head of  of Tao of refute neon  to subtle branny value of  of Shi Man  suckles  of  of tadpole of Cuo of ⒑ of Qian of appropriate of ⒑ of Gou sip Qian south branny value hold  ? prostitute changes a design.

3 numerical control are changed transform design content

Lathe bed demolishs original feed rod and guide screw, new grinding machines slideway, big fore-and-aft set helical rack of outfit high accuracy.

Advocate transmission main shaft and gear system optimize processing, main shaft rear adds outfit coder, timing system is timing of advanced direct current of total number word or system of communication frequency control newlier.
The tool carrier of primary machine tool of abolish of system of fore-and-aft, transverse feed, smooth board box, feed box, redesign make one a cycle of songs in a traditional opera accuse tool carrier, smooth stage of knife of type of board box, casing (or multitask turn) of tower knife stage.
Tool carrier of 3.1 numerical control
Pull composition of catenary of drive of slide of board horizontal stroke, transverse feed greatly by tool carrier board in lathe bed the shift on fore-and-aft slideway, use the slideway that stick model to lubricate deputily, automatically will reduce coefficient of friction. Transverse drive catenary falls by drive of communication servo electric machinery guide screw of fast gear, ball (nut) transverse slide finishs deputy tool carrier transverse (X axis) feed moves.
3.2 numerical control are smooth board box
The crucial drive component that it is motion of feed of high accuracy of distance of fore-and-aft train in excess specified length, to motion the distance exceeds the heavy movement part of 6m, the feed that has demand of fixed position precision again at the same time moves blame 1 winter is important. Big fore-and-aft (Z axis) feed moves by drive of communication servo electric machinery, use structures of pair of pinion disappear unoccupied place drive. Transmission catenary interior uses principle of helical gear helix and shift of central axle axial to drive double pinion to turn relative to helical rack, achieve the goal of disappear unoccupied place drive.
Vertical (Z axis) , horizontal (X axis) to feed athletic axes uses accurate grating feet to make the position detect feedback component, constitute closed-loop control.
Stage of knife of 3.3 casing type
In tool carrier horizontal stroke style of stage of slide, knife controls two side how to all contain platoon of tall rigid and puissant knife, knife platoon can make intermediate shrink along workpiece radial, fixed position, clamp moves, make sure tool carrier is the largest inside size range of pipe bent dangerous the stiffness when extending is enough, ensure cutting precision. Have the fast structure that change a knife at the same time, make cutting tool has function of high accuracy fixed position. When configuring special accessory, still but the aperture inside turning, inside aperture of whorl, inner cone.
3.4 tool carrier visit stage and station of pushbutton of overhead suspension operation
The tool carrier that converts design angle design to go out to facilitating handlers is operated and be machined from human nature walks along stage and overhead suspension to operate pushbutton station. Handlers stands on tool carrier, through pensile pushbutton the station can come true to be machined to machine tool spare parts advocate the concentration of motion, feed motion is controlled.
3.5 deserve to install England ” Leinishao ” side head
Facilitate to workpiece each machine place detect.
System of 3.6 numerical control
Can choose Spanish “FAGOR”8040 arbitrarily according to functional need or 8055, germany ” Xi Menzi ” the numerical control system such as 802D or 840D. Numerical control system is controallable X, two feed of Z axis and main shaft S, have reach compensation of length of compensation of compensation of circular arc interpolation, pitch error, cutting tool radius, cutting tool and cutting tool to wear away point-blank the function such as compensation, can realize process designing of graphical imitate, blue print, breakdown to be diagnosed oneself at the same time, the memory of a variety of parameter and call wait for a function.

4 brand-new numerical control change model with numerical control heavy-duty center lathe (roller lathe) main performance data is comparative

With C 61 20 0 brand-new numerical control change modelling to be with numerical control exemple (see a table 2)
From inside expressing 2 contrast knowable:
(1) is brand-new numerical control change model with numerical control of heavy-duty center lathe and roller lathe advocate parameter (before the watch is medium 6) matrix consistent;
(2) advocate the performance data of transmission is both and consistent, but the rigid structure that numerical control changes formative headstock interior is more complex than numerical control loaded vehicle, safeguard summary difficulty some;
(Of 3) key, decision machine tool is overall the technical parameter that the nuclear core of function divides vertical, transverse feed to move is both and consistent, the structure designs consistent also;

Express 2

(4) in lathe bed slideway of motion of large fore-and-aft tool carrier defends in, brand-new the design layout of numerical control loaded vehicle can set slideway steel, defend with shield endlong at the same time, maintain; for a long time what be helpful for athletic precision and because lathe bed is old machine tool,numerical control transforms loaded vehicle, suffer on reason structure be restricted, cannot defend completely to slideway. Although can set metal band but when moving for a long time, the content hard to avoid such as scrap can damage surface of lathe bed slideway, produce an effect to precision.

5 epilogue

The place on put together is narrated, the function of the heavy-duty center lathe after numerical control is transformed and roller lathe and main performance data (defend except lathe bed beyond) , all with brand-new numerical control is heavy-duty the performance data of center lathe and roller lathe is consistent, however its price is numerical control loaded vehicle about brand-new the; of 1/3 left and right sides of the product produces cycle to compare brand-new the product shortened 1/2.