The world ” the heaviest ” multinomial technology amounts to numerical control lathe international is advanced level

 5 meters of the DL250 of the biggest norms on the world numerical control are heavy-duty Pullman, in Wuhan group of heavy-duty machine tool made a success recently, multinomial technology amounts to international advanced level.  
5 meters of DL250 numerical control exceed heavy-duty Pullman, its are the biggest circumgyrate diameter amounts to 5 meters, bear weight can amount to 500 tons, be up to now on the world of the biggest norms exceed center lathe of heavy-duty numerical control.  
This machine tool is those who have completely own intellectual property is great and homebred masked equipment, gross weight amounts to 1450T, main shaft end panel beats and radial beats all be in 0.008 millimeter (to send silk very one of) in, even if is the congener product of the coequal norms that foreign famous manufacturer produces, achieve so coequal precision to also be belonged to not easy. This equipment makes a success, generate electricity to promoting our country the sources of energy, ocean marine production level will produce tremendous effect.