The main function of machining center

Machining center can realize 3 axes or the linkage of 3 axes above is controlled, in order to make sure cutting tool has the treatment of complex surface. Machining center is divided outside having linear interpolation and function of circular arc interpolation, still have all sorts of treatment to secure radius of loop, cutting tool graph of process of automatic compensation, treatment shows length of automatic compensation, cutting tool, man-machine interaction, breakdown is diagnosed automatically, the function such as process designing leaving a line.
Develop from numerical control milling machine and machining center comes. Depend on machining center having automatic exchange to machine the ability of cutting tool with the biggest distinction of numerical control milling machine, through the cutting tool of different utility is being installed on knife library, the treatment cutting tool that changes knife device automatically to change main shaft to go up can be passed in holding clip, realize a variety of treatment functions.
Machining center can be divided from the exterior wait for vertical, horizontal and compound machining center. The main shaft of vertical machining center is perpendicular at workbench, basically apply to treatment plank kind, housing kind workpiece, also can use at mould treatment. The main shaft axes of horizontal machining center and workbench mesa are parallel, its workbench mostly for stage of circumgyrate of numerical control of servo electromotor pilot, clip is held in workpiece in, rotate through workbench the treatment that can realize many treatment extent, apply to casing kind workpiece treatment. Compound machining center basically is to point to have on a machining center stand, lie two main shaft or main shaft but 90 ° switchback, can install the treatment that 5 extents realize in clip in workpiece consequently.