Machining center of vertical of S33 of herd tough firm will appear on CIMES 2008

   The CIMES 2008(that held at Beijing to 13 days on October 9 exhibition of tool of machine tool of the 9th China International) go up, mu Ye (Makino) company (the number that exhibit a stage: – of W1 house D 112) will carry machining center of its S33 vertical and company of German wave dragon to be revealed with the stage. S33 vertical machining center introduced Mu Ye’s expert 5 control system and system of control of SG1.4 geometry precision, have outstanding treatment precision and more design of optimized steel sex structure, hold an advantageous heat concurrently to be out of shape control function and admirable scrap handle ability.

   Herd tough firm is professional be engaged in making numerical control metal machine machine tool and offer face car, aviation and mould to process a trade flexible the well-known company of treatment renovation plan, also be the manufacturer of tall accurate machine tool of center of trade of global machine tool.