All sorts of handle of center lathe and main operation

  1. The adjustment of center lathe reachs the use of handle

   Through commutation basically respective and corresponding handle position undertakes the adjustment of C6132 lathe, detailed sees graph 6-7.

The adjustment of lathe of graph 6-7 C6132 handle
1, 2, 6, advocate handle of athletic speed change 3, 4, handle of feed movement speed change 5, the inverting handle with tool carrier mobile left and right sides 7, tool carrier is transverse the hand touchs handle 8, handle of locking of square tool carrier 9, small tool carrier moves 15, tool carrier is transverse and automatic handle 16, tool carrier is fore-and-aft and automatic handle 17, tool carrier is fore-and-aft the hand moves handwheel 18, feed rod, guide screw changes used clutch

   2. The main operation of center lathe

   (1) jockey exercise (main shaft positive and negative turns reach suspend handle 13 quiting the position)

   1) rotate speed of correct commutation main shaft. The gearshift handle outside fluctuant gear-box and main shaft box 1, 2 or 6, attainable all sorts of corresponding main shaft rotate speed. Dial when handle move not successful when, usable hand is a bit rotational chuck can.

  2) correct commutation feed. The feed that chooses by place examines the sign on feed box, alternate again by position of handle of commutation of the feed on sign handle 3 with the position of 4, get the feed of a make choice of namely.

   3) familiar control fore-and-aft the rotational way that changes feed handle with transverse hand. Left hand grasps fore-and-aft feed hand to move handwheel 17, the right hand grasps transverse feed hand to touch handle 7. Arrange respectively hour hand and anticlockwise pass on coming back annulus, operate tool carrier and smooth the mobile direction of board box.

   4) be familiar with the operation that masters feed of fore-and-aft or transverse motor-driven. Feed rod or guide screw put through handle 18 be located in feed rod to put through locally, handle of feed of will fore-and-aft motor-driven 16 mention can fore-and-aft feed, like handle of feed of will transverse motor-driven 15 mention up can transverse motor-driven feed. Pull downward respectively move can stop feed of vertical, horizontal motor-driven.

   5) the operation of tailstock. Tailstock armrest moves shift, its are fixed rely on to tighten solid bolt nut. Handwheel of sleeve of rotational tailstock shift 12, can make sleeve mobile inside rear push frame, handle of rotational tailstock locking 11, can secure sleeve inside tailstock.

   (2) low speed drives each handle position should be checked to whether be in proper place first before the exercise practices, without by accident junior travel drives exercise.
   1) main shaft is started — electromotor is started — operate main shaft is rotational — stop main shaft to turn — shut electromotor
   2) motor-driven feed — electromotor is started — operate main shaft is rotational — the hand moves freely feed — motor-driven freely feed — the hand uses return — motor-driven is transverse feed — the hand uses return — stop main shaft to turn — shut electromotor
   Special attention:
   1) machine tool unfinished stops rotate speed of forbidden commutation main shaft completely, produce internal gear of serious main shaft box to hit tine phenomenon to produce machine tool accident even otherwise. Each handle should be checked to whether be in proper place before driving.
   2) fore-and-aft cannot shake with direction of transverse handle advance and retreat wrong, ten million attention wants when knife of quick advance and retreat especially, can produce workpiece to discard as useless otherwise with safe accident.

 3) transverse feed hand touchs handle every turn when one case, cutting tool is transverse penetration of a cutting tool is 0.02mm, quantity of cutting of direction of its cylinder diameter is 0.04mm.