Wu Chong won the “national excellent enterprise culture result”

A few days ago, in 2017 the national enterprise culture conference held in Beijing, published 2016-2017 & other;National outstanding achievements, outstanding corporate culture and outstanding contribution figures & throughout;List of wuhan heavy duty machine tool group co., LTD., & other;Activate market boost enterprise profit to promote & rsquo;Creating customer value & rsquo;Throughout the case & cultural concept of practice;Received & other;2016-2017 national excellent achievement of corporate culture & throughout;Award.Conference, China north industries group chairman, party secretary Yin Guxu invited to award-winning speech and individual awards and enterprise, the company chairman, party secretary Du Zhuo jade to attend the meeting and receive award certificate.The event sponsored by the China enterprise confederation and China entrepreneurs association, held every two years, according to the principle of openness, fairness and justice, selected a batch of distinct era characteristic of enterprise culture construction achievements and personal.In recent years, in the cultural system under the guidance of China north industries group, Wu Chong group actively promote people’s spirit of these as root and socialist core values as the soul of enterprise culture construction, in order to promote the supply side of the structural reform as the main line, to improve quality and core competitive power as the center, insist on & otherCreate consumer value & throughout;The core idea, and in practice constantly enrich the connotation of enterprise culture, promote enterprise culture into the whole value chain of each link, helping enterprises to develop, for Wu Chong profitability provide strong cultural support.About Wu Chong group wuhan heavy duty machine tool group co., LTD., China north industries group corporation, (the original wuhan heavy machine tool plant, Wu Chong) is the domestic production of heavy and super-heavy machine specifications and the largest and most complete variety of large-scale backbone enterprises, products are mainly serving the energy, transportation, metallurgy, machinery, railway, aviation, aerospace, military industry and other industries.The main products are heavy and super-heavy vertical lathe, horizontal lathe, don’t fall for lathe, horizontal milling and boring machine, and floor type milling and boring machine, gantry boring and milling machine, hobbing machine, rotary table and all kinds of special machinery and equipment such as 8 categories, more than 50 series, more than 300 varieties.Heavy full realization of numerical control machine tool products.(the original title: Wu Chong won & other;National culture outstanding achievement throughout &;)(source: Wu Chong group)