Secondhand the essence of machining center builds dragon door pattern

Grow 5000mm, wide 2500mm, tall 3000mm, configuration FANUC, the dragon door type of system of BESK-7M numerical control machining center, two hand machine tools of Chinese adjust central pass on to sell internal-combustion engine talking about a city the plant. Classics spot detects, discover electric equipment part cannot work normally, appear 08 call the police, laden watch finger amounts to red-light district. Knife library swings back and forth, cannot locate. Main shaft diameter jumps 0.18mm, end jumps 0.15mm, all serious out of tolerance: Axis of the X on 300mm length repeats fixed position error to be more than 0.15mm, journey error is more than 0.18mm, precision loses badly: Axis of the Y on 300mm length repeats fixed position error to be more than 0.15mm, journey error is more than 0.18mm, precision is lost badly. Be aimed at afore-mentioned states, attach most importance to large facility considering this equipment, maintenance spot did not weigh equipment since machinery, made following maintenance plan especially: First system of repair electric equipment, again repair machinery share, so that motivation of itself of machining center of have the aid of undertakes bigger component tear open outfit, reduce labor intensity thereby, rise assemble precision, achieve the result of get twice the result with half the effort. The rehabilitate of system of 1 electric equipment

    08 call the police repair checks a machine tool to maintain manual to know, 08 call the police to locate for main shaft breakdown. The basis maintains the demand of manual, open ark of power source electric equipment, communicating main shaft controller on circuit board, found 7 glow diode (6 green 1 red) . These 7 diode from left to right express respectively: Directional instruction: Low gear: Track peak value detects: Decelerate instruction: Fixed position of essence of life: Fixed position finishs (above is green light) : Try proved recipe type. Observation the situation of these a few diode is as follows: 1 canal is bright, 3, 5 canals twinkle. Show fixed position instruction has given out: Track peak value and fixed position signal had detected. But the system cannot locate completely, main shaft still moves in low speed, reason 3, 5 canals twinkle ceaselessly. From afore-mentioned circumstance analysises, suspicion is the amplifier on main shaft box have a problem. Open main shaft shield, detect when amplifier, the tube of oil cylinder of cutting tool clamp that discovers main shaft to go up is voluminous go up in main shaft, decide for this tube voluminous cause deflection of main shaft fixed position and cannot decide definitely, cause 08 call the police. Reinstall after adjusting, choose the RV11(location in main shaft controller deflection again) undertook modulatory afresh, trouble removal, call the police disappear. Knife library swings back and forth the rehabilitate that cannot locate is maintained via checking manual to analyse forbid to be close to position of switch SQ51, SQ52 and data of U02 pulse coder is abhorrent, cause the cutting tool after seeking knife order to swing back and forth cannot locate. Its eliminate a method to be: Stop knife library in some position, adjust SQ51, SQ52 accurately to be close to switch position, adjust knife number according to PC address at the same time, its PC address 50.5, 50.1, the 10 digit of 8421 of 50.2 composition date that it is a knife, 50.3, 49, 49.1, a digit of 8421 of 47 composition date that it is a knife. According to is current the real position of date of knife library knife, adjust U02 pulse coder accurately, make two groups of data are above date of current and corresponding knife, after be being started afresh, trouble removal.

The rehabilitate of 2 mechanical parts

    Rehabilitate of main shaft component is because of this machine secondhand equipment, without any part drawing and assembly drawing, consider main shaft component is more, we tear open the spare parts below to press ordinal number, chase again next undertake cleaning, detect. Through detecting we discovered a major problem, namely: Place of Ø120mm of diameter of axis of bearing of main shaft front is cone, and the bearing on this equipment is however inside the 4482924 bearing that aperture is columnar face. Decide a this bearing instead 4382924 bearing, change other bearing the new bearing that is identical norms, same precision. After installation ends, discover main shaft diameter jumps fall for 0.08mm, main shaft end jumps fall for 0.06mm. After readjust bearing clearance, main shaft diameter jumps fall for 0.016mm, end jumps fall for 0.014mm, accord with a requirement. X axial essence is repaired tear open above all go the dustproof cover of two end reachs workbench accessory equipment, use X axis electromotor to move workbench electromotor a side, the bearing that shows another end, tear open all retaining element next below. And, fixed ball guide screw all retaining element of deputy nut also are torn open below. Feed of actuate X axis, use a hand to shake pulse generator exits nut of ball guide screw adagio. After that, tear open next electromotor and reducer casing rear cover, can tear open ball guide screw below. Via detecting, ball guide screw deputy for imperial standard, nominal diameter 55mm, pitch 5/8 inch, outer circulation, spacer tightens a structure beforehand. Tearing open the interior of ball nut raceway below, discovery has many chip state iron filings, suspicion flakes for ball surface be caused by. The diameter that discovers ball via detecting needs a value most greatly 0.08mm, the biggest diameter is 9.903mm, be worth 9.875mm big 0.028mm than theory, the least value is 9.825mm. Judgement is original ball precision low, bring about ball to get power not all be caused by. After cleaning all component clean, change a diameter the high accuracy ball that abhorrent error is 0.001mm, via detecting deputy clearance of ball guide screw is 0.023mm: Decide an original adjustment through computation spacer adds thick 0.08mm, deputy clearance of guide screw of the ball after be being assembled afresh achieves a technology to ask. But discover moment of force of deputy attrition of ball guide screw is larger, repeat fixed position precision to be 0.025mm. The consideration is former ball guide screw deputy raceway surface existence is microcosmic grind be caused by of clearance of deputy existence of caustic and reducer internal gear. Hold deputy clip of ball guide screw on 3 meters long CA6140 lathe, irrigate 20 mechanical oil at the same time, use nut of hand handholding ball at the same time, run with the rotate speed move back and forth of 21r/min close 100 times. After cleaning, heavy new clothes matchs, attrition moment of force achieves technical requirement. ball guide screw deputy assemble a machine tool to go up, the clearance compensation cost of numerical control system is set for 0.025mm, in order to compensate reducer casing internal gear deputy clearance. Installation is debugged after ending, detect the result is as follows: On 300mm length, repeat fixed position precision to be 0.05mm, lead precision is 0.023mm, accord with a product to machine precision requirement. Y axial essence is repaired consult the maintenance process of X axis, write the deputy essence of life of ball guide screw of Y axis end, detect the result is as follows: On 300mm length, journey variation is 0.046mm. Attrition moment of force and feel all accord with a requirement. After getting on deputy installation of ball guide screw in the machine tool, via detecting discovery is on aleatoric 300mm length, the machine tool repeats the span of fixed position precision to be 0.03 ~ 0.08mm, and it is certain to have periodic. Suspicion is the gear in gear reducer casing Zhou Jie is put in bigger error. Open reducer casing afresh, tear open gear below, gear exterior does not have too big question. Detect on all-purpose tool microscope, discover gear week part is the largest the error is 0.13mm, change undertake detecting to the machine tool again after new gear, each index all achieves technical requirement.

The result experiences:

    Importing abroad secondhand when equipment, must collect is neat concerned technology data, also want to clear up machine tool model at least, so that have the aid of is similar,the data of equipment has repair, in order to save repair time, reduce upkeep costs. When maintenance, should as far as possible tear open the component below to detect, with benefit Yu Zheng judges breakdown reason truly, avoid do poorly done work over again.