Produce learn to grind industry of tool of cooperative machine tool is sought ” fusion “

As advanced as abroad level has bigger difference on whole of industry of tool of our country machine tool, wait for a respect in numerical control technology, efficient cutting technology especially, want fill technology is blank, implementation innovates independently, its certain way is integrated each resource, advance produce learn to grind collaboration, with seek ” fusion ” . “Cooperation can produce new productivity ” , produce learn to grind collaboration can make each just are in collaboration not only each takes what he needs, joint development, can advance the development of the industry effectively more, everyone is happy of it may be said. The yield of industry of machine tool tool learns to grind collaboration only then at when, we already textual research of have no way, if want get to the bottom of sth to trace to the source, how can just go to be mentioned together from each however.

The advantage is complementary cooperative win-win

For quite a long time, especially before development of numerical control technology, the development of machine tool manufacturing industry does not resemble nowadays so at a tremendous pace, produce learn to grind cooperative case is little little. But the arrival as revolution of new science and technology and informatization, whole manufacturing industry begins to carry fast, together with is some closer year come all sorts of new and high technologies are swift and violent development, competition of market of machine tool tool begins aggravate.

It is under such setting, industries of many machine tool tool discover home gradually, the technology that wants to realize a product is banner, sheet relies on to introduce foreign advanced technique to cannot master the technical capability of core truly after all, begin to explore own innovation then, and the enterprise often is restricted as a result of place of ability of oneself research and development, change direction then with learn to grind the bound cooperates. In the meantime, orgnaization of institution of higher learing, scientific research also realizes, the technology that simple theory studies or the research achievement of blame industrialization cannot catch up with industry of machine tool tool grows at full speed is innovated, the production that also begins to rely on big company then strengthens education and research actually, industry of tool of domestic machine tool appeared because of this to various projects cooperate or be produced gradually learn to grind cooperative task tackles key problem. When one’s early years of Guilin machine tool is developing machine tool of numerical control of 5 axes linkage, have gone through setbacks flounder to find college of Hua Zhongke ability, both sides decides yard officer tackles key problem jointly. Try hard through 4 years many, final development went abroad to produce the XK2316/3-5X that change complete 5 axes planer-type milling machine of 5 linkage numerical control. Neat 2 machine tools and collaboration of Harbin Institute of Technology developed numerical control double main shaft twister of 4 coordinate linkage, with Yan Shan the university developed aircraft of finishing of laser of large numerical control jointly, get more home is blank. The enterprise realized technical promotion and product development in project collaboration, college and scientific research orgnaization also scored academic gain from which, developed a person with ability.

In recent years, produce learn to grind collaboration already began to walk up stage by stage produce learn to grind allied road, alliance cooperates unlike average project, what just seek each is long-term and effective collaboration platform.

A few days ago, limited company of Yangzhou v machine tool and college of Nanjing grain industry are signed formally produce learn to grind collaboration and build in all ” center of engineering of automation of forging press instrument ” comprehensive cooperation agreement. Additional it is reported, chengdu tool institute recently with Xi Hua university together, both sides will spread out all-around, mutiple level collaboration. Factory of Shanghai machine tool is the production engineering research center that establishs center of cent of research and development in American Zun Zhiya technical institute more. Dalian machine tool silvered coin with Dalian light last year company of engineering of science and technology and college of Dalian grain industry form a partner, use enterprise, school two great natural resources, build platform of numerical control research and development, built center of research and development of 2000 much square metre and national level postdoctoral workstation.

Such case is too numerous to mention one by one really, even DMG of foreign capital tycoon ever also disclosed will with home college of some famous grain industry spreads out collaboration of school look forward to. Thorough long-term cooperation makes each just can be communicated effectively, the enterprise can be achieved for oneself not only as the main body of innovation close, and the academic progress that can drive college and scientific research orgnaization effectively and achievement of science and technology are changed; Produce learn to grind alliance is not the origin problem that solves innovation technology any more, help however advance technical achievement to change the whole process with industrialization, these yield learn to grind base has become new and high technology to change with industrialization hatch implement. Scientific worker has requirement of good research and development, the enterprise also will get preferential transfer the interest with industrialization, implementation ” school look forward to double win ” . Photograph comparing cooperates at simple project, produce learn to grind the development that alliance can push industry of machine tool tool in the round from whole more progresses, can reflect more ” fusion ” action.