Of lathe of two numerical control be opposite automatically knife method

    The cutting tool of general numerical control lathe compensates be the input after measuring to mix two kinds are inputted after trying the classics after cutting workpiece surface to calculate directly commonly used. I introduce next one belts to measure lathe of numerical control of cutting tool compensatory automatically to use a method now:

    ” 1 ” day establishs lathe of numerical control of HT20S2 of machine of essence of life is to contain what measure cutting tool automatically to compensate a function, when using, choose to want metrical cutting tool number first, turn to the position, but the hand moves usable also MDI to means inputs cutting tool date and be carried out, the cutting tool date that makes want to measure reachs the place, will measure measurement unit of cutting tool compensatory automatically to open, part to go to the X of cutting tool and Z direction those who touch correspondence measuring a head with handwheel, the buzzer after coming up against can give out noise, in the OFSET of input of cutting tool compensation that it will measure automatically, close measurement unit next (notice the hand cannot be come up against lest be operated by accident,measure a head) , the cutting tool that chooses to want metrical cutting tool number to repeat the process above to will be measured afresh is measured can.

    ” 2 ” WILLMINW203 it is a belt is assisted measure center of turning of cutting tool compensatory, be knife of the straight outfit that discharge type, the mesa of the mesa that holds a knife and vertical machining center is same, cutting tool the one outfit that make the same score a platoon is on mesa (have special tool carrier and turn tower type tool carrier is two concepts) , fixed to the knife to pneumatic switch is being opened to make when the knife device is extended come, had installed the measuring projector to the knife and had inserted power source (measuring projector is a machine tool take oneself) , the central line that wants metrical cutting tool to aim measuring projector, the choice should input knife date to be pressed twice in OFSET finished cutting tool X, z compensates an input, choose another knife to repeat the process above to had measured the cutting tool of the others. {notes: Knife of the straight outfit that discharge type does not have knife date, knife date wants him set, if set T1 compensates cutting tool input hind, set T1 compensation can be pressed automatically to add when the program when treatment decrease will finish treatment}

    Of above mix automatically assisting the benefit that measures cutting tool to compensate a method is convenient, the error is basic little inside limits.